Fill the Cavities. We'll Help Fill Your Chair.This screen shot and title is from an early morning email that I opened today. It’s emails like this that make me sick to my stomach. Any patient would be disgusted to imagine such a thought could enter the mind of a health professional. Could teeth possibly be viewed as a source of revenue?

Of course most dentists do not think this way – but unnecessary treatment is potentially harmful to mouth and body health. This is why everyone should be empowered and know the questions to ask, and warning signals – to avoid becoming a sitting target in the dental chair.

In 2007 a fun and friendly dentist, Dr. Fred Quarnstrom DDS, published a book called “Open Wider – Your Wallet, Not Your Mouth”. This is a consumers guide to dentistry. Fred claims this is everything you need to know for a visit to the dentist, and he dedicated the book to all the great dentists who treat patients fairly – with skill and dedication. Fred explains that not everyone is in good hands and he asks the question “who is looking out for patients?”.

Many dentists ostracized Fred for his book. I love Fred for having the guts to stand up for patients. We currently don’t have any dental organization for this kind of dentist, no group for those of us against water fluoridation, or dentists who advocate xylitol and the reversal of cavities and gum disease in the comfort of your own home. There certainly are dentists across the world who DO care about you and your families – and my next task is to try and help you find them.

My advice is begin now to help yourself using Zellie’s and the Complete Mouth Care System – to get your mouth in the best possible shape before your next visit. Then let’s try to find you a caring dentist who treats patients fairly – and one who genuinely celebrates your gaol – to enjoy Ultimate Oral Health!

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Moms Oral Health Matters

Moms Oral Health Matters
  • I have used your process religiously for over 10 years. My comment is relative to the above topic because recently I was sent to a dentist by a dentist to have #14 extracted. Well, I didn’t go and the inflammation subsided, but I thought I should have an evaluation. When I went to the dentist, he told me that I had bone loss, #14 needed to be extracted with bone graft up to my sinus, #3 to be extracted, #15 to be extracted with implants on #3, #14 and crowns on #4, #11 totaling a whopping $12-15K! All I heard was ka-ching, so revenue to pay off the new building. As a result, I don’t trust any dentist’s evaluation, but I do not want to lose my teeth and the investment I have already made in dental care which is substantial. HELP!!

    • Hi Diane – let’s try to review what you are doing…try to get in touch with me through customer service on our website. I am happy to have a chat with you on the phone and try to figure out what is going on!

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