“Fabulous results! I started using with one disabled client who had not been to a dentist in 40 years. The results were stunning. She looked like a new person after a few months. She was so delighted.
Personally, I have to take antibiotics for heart reasons before any cleaning. Ellie showed me how I could have even better oral hygiene without the cleanings. The proof..The dentist compared my teeth before repairing a crown showing before and after using Zellies. He was stunned. My teeth and gums, never better. No one in may family has to have gum surgery anymore thank to Ellie’s Zellies program. I keep on recommending.”    -Jean

About the Author Dr. Ellie

My passion is educating people about oral health. For decades I’ve worked with patients of all ages, in different countries, in high and low-risk communities, and from every walk of life. I’ve seen the same results over and over again –people who transformed their oral health – sometimes in days or weeks, even after they had suffered years of pain and frustration. It’s never too late, and my ways will give you the key to a lifetime of improved oral health.