In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ellie shares her easy-to-follow strategies that put oral health under your control. 

Dr. Ellie reveals how to:

  • Stop and reverse cavities and gum disease
  • Use diet and digestive health to influence saliva quality and promote tooth and gum healing
  • Enjoy xylitol to control acidic damage and sensitivity
  • End the discomfort of dry mouth and gum recession
  • Avoid damage caused by flossing
  • Evaluate sealants and their potential dangers
  • Schedule the best time for dental appointments
  • Learn the dangers of artificial whitening and how to naturally whiten your teeth

Praise for Mouth Care comes Clean

John Mackey

cofounder and CEO, Whole Foods Market, author of The Whole Foods Diet

"This book cuts through our fear and confusion about dental cavities and gum disease to offer a compelling argument why simple, thoughtful changes in eating patterns and home care can improve our oral health for life."

Patrick Timpone

Creator & Host of One Radio Network

"Dr. Ellie has been on my radio show several times, and from her first visit, I intuitively knew she was on to something really important. I immediately took the oral DNA saliva test. Lo and behold, I had a plethora of some undesirable pathogenic bacteria. We've talked to some of the top holistic dentists in the world for over ten years, so I thought I was doing the very best in 'natural' oral care for teeth and gums. 

Dr. Ellie explains in this book what she has told me on the radio. I used these strategies to address my problems, and the retest twelve weeks later showed a new state of health, not problem pathogens, and my mouth feels great. Her information is awesome, and so is this book. Looking and seeing and even professional examinations have discovered a lessening of gaps between the gums and teeth, after just three months! My teeth have never felt or looked better. The appearance is a more pearly white rather than the much sought after blue-white teeth. Amazing."

Cyndee Johnson

RDH, founding principal of scaler2schedule Elite Hygiene, hygienist, educator, entrepreneur, & oral health advisor

"My career in dentistry takes me to many countries, helping dental offices through transitions that make their patients healthier. But change is difficult in the dental world, and my work is keeping professionals up to date with evolving ideas and new technologies. Without a doubt, some of the greatest insights today are about wellness driven dentistry, which Dr. Ellie has explained in this book. 

Like Ellie, I believe it is time for a new approach to improve oral health around the globe. Even small steps, if taken by many, lead to change. As dental professionals, our focus must be the prevention of disease through quality preventive support and long-lasting dentistry. Dr. Ellie's systems are an essential piece of this complex puzzle, and my dental clients are experiencing tremendous success by the implementation of such comprehensive care."