The Complete

Mouth Care System

Dr. Ellie's easy and effective at-home oral care system will help eliminate cavities, gum disease, and plaque while supporting a healthy oral microbiome.

What Does The System Do?

It only takes 5 minutes, twice a day, to protect your smile and improve your oral health. The Complete Mouth Care System stimulates natural repair of teeth and gums and will work in harmony with your body to balance mouth biochemistry leaving teeth cleaner and gums healthier.


Plaque forming bacteria are the infectious bacteria that cause cavities. An effective way to control plaque and help stop, prevent and heal cavities


Periodontal bacteria are the cause of gum disease and pocketing. Reduce and eliminate these harmful pathogens and help heal pockets around teeth.


Supports the natural absorption of minerals from saliva into your teeth. This helps to strengthen enamel, heal cavities, and protect teeth from damage and disease.


Limits acidic damage and helps strengthen enamel to protect and reduce sensitivity and defend against erosion, even in a dry mouth.

A Synergistic Process

01. Neutralize Acidity Daily

The routine use of xylitol is vital to the system. Xylitol feeds good bacteria in your mouth and helps eradicate plaque. Xylitol protects teeth from acidic damage and help to remineralize teeth. Xylitol is best taken in small, frequent doses throughout the day and after meals, snacks, or drinks. Zellie's mints and gum are an easy way to enjoy xylitol throughout the day.

02. Alkalizing Pre-Rinse

CloSYS pre-rinse is a gentle pH neutral rinse that ensures that brushing teeth does not occur in an acidic mouth. CloSYS also addresses specific harmful bacteria without harming healthy bacteria. It is especially helpful for adults with cavities, gum disease, or bad breath.

03. Tooth Brushing & Gum Massage

The mechanical cleaning of teeth is important but it's equally important to focus on gum massage to stimulate blood flow and gum healing. Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste is proven to mineralize teeth and help heal cavities. Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste has the ideal formula for healing teeth and, unlike most toothpastes, does not contain glycerin.

05. Promote Mineralization

ACT Fluoride rinse strengthens tooth enamel by encouraging remineralization. This enables teeth to resist damage from acidity and helps to heal and beautify enamel. This step will also help reduce tooth sensitivity – often within a week. The use of Listerine before this step increases the effectiveness of the ACT rinse.

04. Target Specific Bacteria

The essential oils in Listerine target specific bacteria that form plaque and lead to gingivitis. Listerine does not harm our mouth's protective microbiome when used as part of the entire system. Listerine primes the teeth and enhances the final step of the system, the ACT rinse.

06. Enjoy A Healthy Diet

A well balanced diet comprised of adequate fruits and vegetables will increase the nutrients in your blood and in your saliva. Whole body health directly affects oral health. A healthy diet can be the difference.

The Complete Mouth Care

System Products

01. Zellie's Mints & Gum

Having 6-10 grams of xylitol daily will help to loosen plaque on teeth so that the following program is more effective. Xylitol protects from mouth acidity and help to remineralize teeth.

02. CloSYS Prerinse

CloSYS will prepare your teeth for brushing. This pH neutral rinse ensures that brushing teeth does not occur in an acidic mouth and therefore easily damage teeth.

03. Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste

Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste has an active ingredient of sodium fluoride at optimal concentration (not stannous fluoride). This paste has the proper abrasion and no glycerine.

04. Listerine

Listerine is an effective rinse that targets the bacteria that cause plaque build up and gingivitis with three active ingredients: eucalyptus essential oil, menthol essential oil, and thymol essential oil.

05. ACT Anticavity Rinse

ACT is a very dilute but extremely effective sodium fluoride solution. It helps prevent and reverse cavities, strengthen teeth, reduce sensitivity, and leaves your breath fresh.

What People Are Saying

A revelation. I’ve learned more than I realized I needed and am soundly onboard with your system. It already feels like “Of course this is the way!” It seems so bright and obvious once you have connected our education gaps. Feels like home.


I’ve had cavities every dental visit since I was a child. I’ve regularly practiced, what I thought was, an effective dental hygiene routine. I’m thrilled to learn how to reverse the cavities in my mouth and stop the need for future filings.


I have been using your system for over 5 years. My dentist of 37 years retired and with Covid, I didn’t make a dental appointment for 2 1/2 years. Just had a cleaning and the new hygienist told me, “You look great. Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it!” and “ Your teeth are a good color”.

I just don’t get that heavy buildup behind my lower front teeth that was a consistent problem from the time I was a child.

The system works! Thank you.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your helping me reverse gum disease and take my family on a path toward a lifetime of oral health! You are amazing and your kindness, wisdom and generosity of spirit is deeply appreciated!

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HOW Does The System Work?

Each step of this system has a specific purpose for promoting oral health. The interaction of these products is harmonious and quickly shows amazing benefits. It is vital that the correct products, method, timing and exact sequence is followed.

The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System is a specific collection of commonly found oral care products for the protection and healing of adult teeth. When used in this specific method, these products will workin harmony to balance mouth biochemistry and leave teeth cleaner and gums healthier than when any of these products are used alone.

This is a method of cleaning teeth and gums in such a way that the biochemistry of the mouth is balanced for health(harmful bacteria are eliminated, yet healthy ones are promoted). The result is cleaner and healthier teeth and gums and often the resolution of early cavities, enamel weakness, and gum disease.

About Dr. Ellie

With over 40 years' experience as a practicing dentist, Dr. Ellie Phillips educates the public and health professionals about the science and holistic nature of oral health, teaching practical oral care strategies that are empowering and cost-effective.

In 2010, Dr. Ellie became a Founding Member of the American Academy For Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), an organization which has grown into a world leader in proactive healthcare collaboration. She has published two best selling books: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and Mouth Care Comes Clean. Dr. Ellie is also the founder of Zellie's, xylitol gum and mints.


When To Use The System?

Use the Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System twice a day, in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

Who Is The System For?

The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System is for any adult who wants to protect, repair or improve their mouth health.The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System can be used when adult teeth begin to erupt (around 6-7 years old), but children should be supervised until they can safely rinse and spit.

Why Is Oral Health Important?

Your oral health is a telling factor of the rest of your whole body health and vice versa. I believe health is holistic which means that the health of each part of your body directly impacts the health of any other part of your body. The mouth is a gateway into your ears, nose, and throat – which go deeper into areas like your brain, your gut, and your heart.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between oral health and heart health – oral health and brain health – as well as a mother's oral health and the newborn's health. Oral health is so important because it is an indication of overall body health and it must be prioritized.

For so long we were taught to believe that dentists are the only one who can keep our mouths healthy, but WE are in control. We are the only ones who truly can control the health of our mouths. So begin your journey to improved oral health today and have beautiful, healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life.

Is Xylitol A Good Choice For Children?

Xylitol offers a natural approach to preventing cavities in children’s teeth. Xylitol can be a parent’s best friend, especially for those who have trouble controlling their children’s sugar intake. Your children will love the sweet taste of xylitol. You will love knowing that every time your children eat xylitol, they are improving their oral health.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: A Deep Dive Into The Science

"I enjoy connecting with other health professionals to discuss public health and how to improve our general approach to health education and implementation. Too many people believe they are not in control of their health and turn to expensive, ineffective, and unsustainable method for temporary cures and superficial fixes.

50 years of clinical experience. The systergy of these 

It is time to revolutionize health education. We are each in control of our health, we have the power and the means to lead long, healthy, and happy lives.

My mission is to share effective, approachable, and sustainable oral health care methods with the public so that EVERYONE can enjoy a clean, healthy mouth for the rest of their lives.

So please, dig into the scientific studies provided below. Send me an email if you'd like to discuss my methods further or offer a differing perspective. I love a good discussion and I look forward to hearing from you."

- Ellie Phillips, DDS.

Scientific Studies

  • Closys

  • Crest cavity protection



  • Xylitol

  • DIET



CloSYS is gentle on oral tissues with a pH neutral range of 6.5-8.0.  This mouthwash will neutralize acidity in the mouth prior to mechanical agitation of the teeth (tooth brushing). Second, it is formulated to go to work 30 seconds after it enters the mouth. CloSYS products are formulated to reduce infected oral biofilm formation, promote a healthy oral biofilm, and oxidize volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that cause bad breath, gum disease, and cavities.

Evidence For The Microbicidal Activity

Efficacy Of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide-Based Unflavored Mouthwash

Additional Research

The Data

My methods are fact-based and data driven. See some of the astounding numbers below.

Oral DNA before & after study. Ultimate oral health guide.


There are more than 700 different species of bacteria found in the mouth.


Regular use of xylitol for 6 months will begin to eliminate the harmful bacteria that cause plaque.


Xylitol has been proven to reduce middle ear infection in children up to 30%.