The Complete

Mouth Care System

Dr. Ellie's at-home oral care system will eliminate plaque, resolve gingivitis, prevent cavities, heal periodontal disease and gum problems while supporting a healthy oral microbiome.

What Does The System Do?

It only takes 5 minutes, twice a day, to protect your smile and improve your oral health. The Complete Mouth Care System stimulates natural repair of teeth and gums and works in harmony with your body to balance mouth biochemistry leaving teeth cleaner and gums healthier.


Plaque forming bacteria are the infectious bacteria that cause cavities. This system helps control plaque on the surface of the tooth and helps stop, prevent and heal developing cavities.


Plaque toxins can make gums swell and bleed. This condition (gingivitis) can be treated. This systems can reduce harmful pathogens and help heal pockets around teeth.


This system allows minerals from saliva to be absorbed by teeth supporting a process of natural mineralization that strengthens enamel, helps heal cavities, and protects teeth from damage.


Mouth acidity pulls minerals from teeth. This system deals with the underlying problem and encourages a healthy oral biome to defend against erosion and sensitivity.

The Complete Mouth Care

System Products

01. Zellie's Mints & Gum

Having 6-10 grams of xylitol daily will help to loosen plaque on teeth so that the following program is more effective. Xylitol protects from mouth acidity and help to remineralize teeth.

02. CloSYS Prerinse

CloSYS will prepare your teeth for brushing. This pH neutral rinse ensures that brushing teeth does not occur in an acidic mouth and therefore easily damage teeth.

03. Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste

Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste has an active ingredient of sodium fluoride at optimal concentration (not stannous fluoride). This paste has the proper abrasion and no glycerine.

04. Listerine

Listerine is an effective rinse that targets the bacteria that cause plaque build up and gingivitis with three active ingredients: eucalyptus essential oil, menthol essential oil, and thymol essential oil.

05. ACT Anticavity Rinse

ACT is a very dilute but extremely effective sodium fluoride solution. It helps prevent and reverse cavities, strengthen teeth, reduce sensitivity, and leaves your breath fresh.

Details Of The Synergistic Process

01. Neutralize Acidity Daily

Mouth acidity is harmful because it pulls minerals from teeth and creates conditions for harmful mouth bacteria to cause gum inflammation and periodontal disease. Xylitol is a vital part of the Complete Mouth Care System because it stimulates alkaline saliva that neutralizes mouth acids and helps remineralize teeth. Zellie's mints and gum are an easy way to enjoy a small amount of xylitol frequently throughout the day – after every meal, snack, and drink. Xylitol is a prebiotic which means it promotes healthy mouth bacteria that form a protective barrier to defend against cavities and gum disease. 

02. Pre-Brush Rinse

CloSYS is a gentle mouth rinse. You may find it unusual to rinse before brushing your teeth, but this ensures your mouth is ideally protected. CloSYS reacts with your saliva during the first 30 seconds it is in your mouth to create oxygen – and if you keep the rinse in your mouth an additional 30 seconds, the oxygen will help to disrupt harmful mouth bacteria of cavities and in periodontal pockets. The mouth’s most harmful bacteria thrive in low oxygen – so remember – a timed 60 seconds (not shorter and not longer) will give you terrific results with no harm to healthy mouth bacteria! The synergy of this system is especially useful for adults with cavities, gum disease, or bad breath.

03. Tooth Brushing & Gum Massage

The mechanical (brushing) component of the Complete Mouth Care System is not so much to “clean” teeth, but to achieve a gum massage. The aim is to stimulate circulation in the gum tissues around teeth. Most people are told to use a soft brush – but this is inadequate for this purpose and will not achieve the circulation and blood flow necessary for gum healing. 

Providing that you protect teeth from abrasion damage by using the CloSYS pre-rinse, you will safely be able to use dense (a firmer) brush without fear. Always select a high quality brush and be sure to have a new brush regularly (especially if you are fighting cavities or gum disease) and allow brushes to air dry for 24 hours between uses.

Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste is proven to help mineralize teeth and on the tube it is able to claim that it  “helps stop cavities before they start.” This specific Crest formula is different from more modern formulations which are not recommended as part of this system. For amazing results, use the Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste that contains sodium fluoride, silica, and has no glycerin.
04. Target Specific Bacteria

Listerine is a misunderstood mouth rinse! Listerine is an essential oil rinse with a strong taste. It is a very important part of the Complete Mouth Care System, especially for anyone fighting cavities or gum disease. Two formulations are suggested: Original or Cool Mint. Don’t use other formulations – no matter how “natural” they appear. 

The essential oils in Listerine effectively target (reducing by 99.9%) specific plaque-forming bacteria called streptococcus mutans. Left unchecked, this bacterium matures every 12 hours to form complex bacterial masses responsible for cavities, gingivitis, bad breath and potentially more serious periodontal gum disease. Listerine does not harm the mouth’s diversity of good bacteria or the mouth’s production of nitric oxide. This is a completely false myth.

05. Promote Mineralization Daily

ACT is a dilute 0.05% sodium fluoride rinse, with a comparable fluoride dilution as water that is recommended for drinking. I do NOT suggest consuming unnecessary fluoride, but I know that the use of a topical fluoride rinse is a vital finale to the Complete Mouth Care System. ACT encourages minerals from saliva to be absorbed into teeth where they can naturally repair, strengthen, and beautify tooth enamel. Natural mineralization will occur for hours after using the Complete Mouth Care System, providing you do not eat or drink anything afterward. This is how it is able to help enamel resist acidic damage and how it can help to heal cavities and naturally whiten your smile. Extra mineralization is the natural way to reduce tooth sensitivity – and this can occur in less than a week when you use the entire system of care.

06. Enjoy A Healthy Diet

The healthier your saliva, the more effective the Complete Mouth Care System is and the quicker you will heal your gums and teeth. Saliva has a circadian rhythm, and so its quality follows a daily pattern that is most healing in the afternoon hours and less healing at night. Saliva quality benefits from a broad assortment of vegetables – and daily variety appears more important than anything. The bacteria that are central to oral health produce nitric oxide from nutrients in saliva. Nitric oxide supplements are usually derived from beet and spinach, and these can be a useful morning supplement that is then supported by your diet. Remember to keep all supplementation balanced for best health results.

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What People Are Saying

Cure Periodontal Disease and Avoid Deep Cleanings

I am in my 60s and have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a condition of abnormal collagen. My gums are fragile, and I've had exposed tooth roots throughout my mouth since orthodontia when I was 19 years old. Prone to gingivitis and periodontitis, I combatted these successfully for decades with conscientious dental hygiene, and in later years a low carbohydrate diet. It all worked until I was exposed to dental pathogens and my gum health declined. That's when the system described in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye came to my rescue.


I read her book and began Dr. Ellie's system about 9 months ago. At the time I had gone 14 months without dental care after my dentist retired.


My new dentist said I needed deep scaling/cleaning in all four quadrants of my mouth due to bleeding gum pockets. I decided to get a second opinion from a periodontist and faced a 2 month waiting period. While waiting I used Dr. Ellie's system just once (not twice) a day.


At my appointment my periodontist told me I had one 5 mm pocket that could be accessed without scaling; all others were 2 and 3 mm. As always I had a lot of mineral buildup. However, I noticed something amazing: My tooth roots. exposed since I was 19 years old, were covered with a hard, shiny coating (see photo). My periodontist declared my shiny teeth and roots to be a "good cosmetic result", striking given that the "cosmetic result" he observed was from Dr. Ellie's system alone.


I continued Ellie's once daily, and at my 3 month check the 5 mm pocket was there but not inflamed. I had mineral buildup and no other pockets. At my last cleaning I had even less mineral buildup. The pocket is resolving. I re-checked the products I was using and realized I was using the wrong toothpaste all along (I used the gel instead of the regular Crest Dr. Ellie recommends).


It's been a couple of months since my last cleaning and I've stepped up my routine to twice a day, using the exact Crest toothpaste Dr. Ellie recommends. Now I notice nearly no mineral buildup at all!


Given my history, these are impressive changes. My husband adopted Dr Ellie's program a month later than I did. His 5 mm+ pockets, present for nearly 30 years, were gone at his checkup last month. We are especially alert to these changes given the recent connection of gum disease with Alzheimers.

- Dr. Ann

Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

I wish I had come across [Dr. Ellie's] books and the [Complete Mouth Care] system years ago. I've been using her system for about 7 weeks and I've experienced tangible and exciting (to me) results: my wife, unprompted, told me my teeth looked whiter after just a few weeks, and the sensitivity to cold has pretty much vanished--for the first time I can remember (after decades) I can rinse my mouth with cold water with zero pain or discomfort.

For quite a while I've had problems with receding gums, and I'm hoping that this program gradually helps reverse or at least improve that, though I expect that to require time and patience. Although you can find basic instructions for the program with a link on her website and not bother reading the book, I thought it was worth the effort to read it. Gives a lot of interesting background about the causes of problems with your teeth and gums, as well as what works to prevent them and what doesn't.

And unlike a lot of people with websites touting holistic "cures" for dental issues, she includes plenty of endnotes and references to academic research. I'm curious to see what feedback I get at my next dentist appointment in a couple of months.

- Anonymous

It's True. This Is The Cure For Dental Caries.

Honestly, the information in [Dr. Ellie's] book [Mouth Care Comes Clean] will save you enough money to buy a new car or house if you have dental problems. I have not had a cavity since using this protocol and neither has my child. I have enough dental work in my mouth to buy a new Cadillac including several implants due to missing teeth. I have celiac disease that was diagnosed later in life so my tooth enamel is very weak. Even with that, since using this protocol I have no more cavities and my mouth feels great! I have spent tens of thousands on my teeth and now this book that cost under ten bucks gives me the cure. All those years of pain and expense I wish I could have back but at least it's all good now.

- razmataz

Wonderful. Why is this Information not More Widely Shared by Dental Providers?

I am a well-educated and -informed health care provider, and yet I learned a lot from [Dr Ellie's] book [Mouth Care Comes Clean] that I had never seen in print before. After just 1 week on just part of Dr. Ellie's system (I am doing the rinses/Crest. Have not yet started the xylitol.), my very sensitive teeth are much improved. My mouth feels cleaner & fresher, less bacteria/coating in the morning or after eating. All this, even though I have always been religious about oral care: Sonicare toothbrush, faithful flossing, Sensodyne toothpaste for years, manually brush and scrape my tongue, brush my gums and roof of the mouth, etc.

Dr. Ellie's system has been a remarkable improvement for me. She seeks to empower people by giving us the facts of dental health that are hidden and/or dismissed by the corporate dental care system. Just take care not to swallow any of that fluoride.


HOW Does The System Work?

Each step of this system has a specific purpose and works with the other products to promote oral health. The interaction of products is synergistic and shows benefits far greater than each product would show if used alone. It’s vital to use correct products, method, sequence and timing, as suggested.

The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System is a specific collection of oral care products that are commonly found in grocery stores. The power to protect and heal adult teeth is generated by the combined use of the products in a specific method. Zellie’s xylitol mints at the end of meals help to balance mouth biochemistry and make plaque more easily rinsed away. Correct gum massage will make gums healthier and encourage repair and regrowth. You can expect cleaner and healthier teeth and gums and with attention to daily habits and diet, many have been able to use these products to resolve cavities, enamel weakness, and cure gum disease.

About Dr. Ellie

I attended Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London and graduated as a dentist in 1970. After an Oral Surgery residency at East Grinstead hospital, I began working as a general dentist in Switzerland and learned groundbreaking ideas about how teeth and gums can heal themselves when we provide balanced and healing oral conditions. 

When I returned to the UK I opened my own “preventive dental” office in Eastbourne,UK.

This was when I learned even more about the simple methods of home care that could stop cavities and resolve gum disease. Several days each week I would teach pregnant women with a small slideshow, presented in the waiting room of a local maternity clinic. My goal was to explain the importance of oral health, and how it influences our general body health and also the oral health of a baby. 

During this time I took a course in orthodontics at the Eastman Institute in London, and had the opportunity to meet renowned dental professionals and scientists who were studying management of tooth decay and how oral health can influence general health.

In 1984 I moved to the US and graduated from the Pediatric Specialty program at the Eastman Institute in Rochester, NY. In 1999 I graduated from the AEGD program in Esthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry and worked in the Emergency Dental department at the University of Rochester NY. and as a Geriatric and Special Needs dentist. I was Faculty and Director of the Pediatric Clinic - which was when I met the professor who had authored many xylitol studies in the 1970s. I knew xylitol was useful, but Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Milgrom introduced me to the idea that xylitol could control the transmission of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy oral ecology in the first years of life.

At this time I also taught oral health  to nursing and medical staff and began hosting educational seminars for the public. I described xylitol and how effective oral care can reverse acidic damage and help control tooth and gum disease. By 2004 I had recognized the need for a well formulated xylitol product. This was when I created a line of dental mints and gum - Zellie’s - sweetened only with 100% pure xylitol. Wegmans Food Markets immediately took the products and invited me to educate the Wegman’s staff about oral health and xylitol. For years my focus has been to educate about xylitol - in group meetings and at health stores across New York, Pennsylvania, and in the People’s Pharmacy in Austin,Texas. 

In 2010, I became a Founder of the American Academy For Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). This organization has developed into a world leader for proactive healthcare collaboration. I also authored two books -: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and Mouth Care Comes Clean, to explain why my specific method of oral care is so effective. 

My dream is to offer effective home-care oral health programs to families across the globe. My belief is that if we empower young women and families with culturally appropriate oral care strategies, we can improve and protect the oral health of young mothers and consequently influence the oral health of children and families, generation after generation, especially in communities where access to dental care is limited.


When To Use The System?

Use the Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System twice a day, in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

Who Is The System For?

The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System is for any adult who wants to protect, repair or improve their mouth health.The Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System can be used when adult teeth begin to erupt (around 6-7 years old), but children should be supervised until they can safely rinse and spit.

Why Is Oral Health Important?

Your oral health is a telling factor of the rest of your whole body health and vice versa. I believe health is holistic which means that the health of each part of your body directly impacts the health of any other part of your body. The mouth is a gateway into your ears, nose, and throat – which go deeper into areas like your brain, your gut, and your heart.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between oral health and heart health – oral health and brain health – as well as a mother's oral health and the newborn's health. Oral health is so important because it is an indication of overall body health and it must be prioritized.

For so long we were taught to believe that dentists are the only one who can keep our mouths healthy, but WE are in control. We are the only ones who truly can control the health of our mouths. So begin your journey to improved oral health today and have beautiful, healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life.

Is Xylitol A Good Choice For Children?

Xylitol offers a natural approach to preventing cavities in children’s teeth. Xylitol can be a parent’s best friend, especially for those who have trouble controlling their children’s sugar intake. Your children will love the sweet taste of xylitol. You will love knowing that every time your children eat xylitol, they are improving their oral health.

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