Tamara M.

I’ve only been using the system for a couple of weeks and I’m liking how clean my mouth feels and I’m not getting plaque buildup on my teeth. I’m looking forward to see the long term results.

Roseanna S.

Loving this tooth care cleaning system. My teeth have never looked so good. I feel it is really working.

Ron R.

I originally came across this book in 2017 at my local library. It’s Great! the book explains many details about bacteria in your mouth and using her mouth care system and xylitol plus much more! there is a lot of Information packed in this book. I wish I had known about this 20 or more years before. I don’t understand why her Knowledge is not taught in the schools world wide so everyone can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth ! ( maybe Dentist like charging you to thousands of $$) I followed her mouth care system mostly for the rest of 2017 and was going to the Dentist for cleanings I was out of state and traveling for most of 2018 and forgot about it and did not follow her methods again until I purchased her book on amazon at the beginning of 2020. Do not make the mistake, get this book or her other book ” Mouth care comes clean” and follow her mouth care system and save your teeth because I did not follow her system for over a year I lost one of my teeth. this year I have been using her system morning and night in my visit to the dentist last month my gum pockets were measured and many had improvements from a 5 mm to a 4 or 3 or some 2s! no more bleeding gums they are looking a healthy pink. so if you want to learn why and how to better care for your teeth and mouth get this book!


I wish I had come across this book and the author’s system years ago. I’ve been using her system for about 7 weeks and I’ve experienced tangible and exciting (to me) results: my wife, unprompted, told me my teeth looked whiter after just a few weeks, and the sensitivity to cold has pretty much vanished–for the first time I can remember (after decades) I can rinse my mouth with cold water with zero pain or discomfort. For quite a while I’ve had problems with receding gums, and I’m hoping that this program gradually helps reverse or at least improve that, though I expect that to require time and patience. Although you can find basic instructions for the program with a link on her website and not bother reading the book, I thought it was worth the effort to read it. Gives a lot of interesting background about the causes of problems with your teeth and gums, as well as what works to prevent them and what doesn’t. And unlike a lot of people with websites touting holistic “cures” for dental issues, she includes plenty of endnotes and references to academic research. I’m curious to see what feedback I get at my next dentist appointment in a couple months.


What is a great understandable plan for improving dental health. After three months I had my first dental cleaning in 3 months and she was surprised as all my dental pockets had improved by 1 mm each! She said she had heard about the use of xylitol and wanted to follow me in the future to see how this works. Teeth definitely look shinier.

Jennifer C.

I’ve followed Dr. Ellie’s advice and I find that my teeth are cleaner. It’s really amazing. I’ve never known about xylitol, and it really works. I ordered the kit and I’m hooked.


I read this book about a year ago and decided to give Dr. Ellie’s system a try. I am in my sixties and could be a poster child for dental nightmares. I have a mouthful of dental fillings, root canals, failed root canals, crowns a plenty and the last straw was a dental implant on a front tooth about a year ago. I can honestly say going to the dentist is traumatic for me. I wanted to wait to do a review until I really gave it a chance to work or not work. So, I’m coming up on my one year anniversary of following this system to the letter and I’m happy to report I have not been to the dentist for any procedures (including cleanings) for the entire year. My good friend is my dental hygienist and she has looked at my teeth and is convinced a cleaning would be a waste of my time and money (even at the loss of income to her!) I honestly don’t know what the long term affects of using the 3 rinses twice a day will be, but for me, not having dental issues trumps just about anything. I have recommended this system to my children, so I guess that’s the highest review I can give.

Kathleen H.

This is the best book a person could read if they have any type of mouth issues. I have been following and using this protocol for about a month and my mouth is amazing. I no longer get any type of canker sores inside my mouth. My teeth are so much whiter, not white but whiter. I NEVER HAVE BAD BREATHE. My teeth are smoother where they were rough before. My teeth have never been so good and I am 59 yrs old with some serious issues before i found this amazing book.. Must read for anyone! Please get your children, friends and everyone you know on the protocol. I went out and bought everything for a few of my family members and they love it as well.

Manuel S.

The system is really easy to implement, I am so happy I found her YouTube channel. I will definitely order again.


I’ve been using the products for a couple weeks and my teeth do feel cleaner and look a bit whiter. I’ll be interested to see if my hygienist says anything positive when I go for my cleaning in a couple weeks.

Kris B.H.

We started Dr Ellies mouth care system two weeks ago. My son had very bad teeth from years of drug use. I have been able to afford dental care, my wife has tater build up.
After two weeks my whole family’s teeth have improved dramatically. I had plaque build-up on my lower teeth that has disappeared. My sons teeth look amazing. I am telling anyone who will listen to watch Dr Ellies videos and use xylitol.

Paris H.

’m excited about how much better my teeth feel, and stronger! It’s been about a month and my teeth are whiter and breath feels fresher. My husband, is the main one with gum issues and he is really noticing a healthier environment inside his mouth. I’m also going to purchase the modules to keep educating myself and do whatever is needed. Thank you Dr. Ellie!!

Steven E.

I can’t express my gratitude to Dr. Ellie for sharing her amazing discovery! At 71 my mouth always feels fresh, and this has cured my periodontal disease. Thank you SO much!

Adinah C.C.

My mouth has never felt cleaner since using her total mouth care system. I thank god for an honest dentist.

Elizabeth D.

My husband and I love the protocol. Our mouths have never felt cleaner. And the xylitol mints and gum are great! We use them after every meal and after drinking water. We got the Dr. Plotka toothbrushes you recommended and can tell a huge difference. After reading up on xylitol I want to know why my dentist never suggested we utilize it. Really infuriating! Thank you for the gift of knowledge concerning oral health!

Alexis K.O.

I have been using Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System for about 2 weeks. The first thing I noticed is how clean my teeth feel. Even when I wake up, before I swish and brush! Also, I had a low-grade infection in my mouth (that I was only aware of because it was under an implant that was failing to take). I tried antibiotics, and the infection remained. After about a week of Dr. Ellie’s system, the infection is gone. I am optimistic that the implant will now succeed.


Our dentist asked what we had been doing differently since the last cleaning! We are very pleased with the products and the results!

Diane V.S.

Can’t wait for my next dental cleaning appointment because the hygienist will be amazed as I am!! My teeth and gums are clean & healthy. No more plaque build up. Thank you so much Zellie’s.

Lesley G.K.

Dr. Ellie Phillips does her research and knows what she is talking about. In her video, “The TRUTH About Flossing Teeth (What You Aren’t Being Told)” she talks about studies on oral health and how it is actually a bacteria imbalance that was negatively affecting our mouths. I switched to her oral care and I could see a difference, and right away! My teeth look whiter, feel stronger and definitely feel cleaner!


I have had bleeding gums, recession etc for quite awhile (years). I started using Dr. Ellie’s system only about a week ago and already my bleeding has stopped. My gums feel so much better. My mouth feels clean all the time, and I’m completely sold on this protocol. Thank you, Dr. Ellie!

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