Individual Coaching Sessions

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Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions

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I am no longer offering individual consultations. The best way to expand your understanding of my teachings is by taking advantage of the following resources:

If you have a specific oral health question, you can ask it here as part of the "Ask Dr. Ellie" series. 

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Client testimonial

“Fabulous news! I have just come from a checkup and cleaning at the periodontist and I am happy, happy, happy! I never thought that this could happen, having been told that “once a periodontal patient, always a periodontal patient.” None of my dental care providers ever talked to me about acidity or even know anything about xylitol. But thanks to you everything is so very improved and, best of all, there was no more talk of surgery. Over the past 5 years, I have seen 3 different periodontists and there has always been talk of flap surgery, which I have rejected because I am very afraid of the procedure…BUT TODAY, I am so, very, very relieved. Thank you so very, very, much Dr. Ellie! I am more enthusiastic and determined than ever and I am spreading the word! I am proud to be part of the “grass-roots” component, using word-of-mouth to spread the message about how everyone can have great oral health! With immense gratitude and respect.”