Individual Coaching Sessions

Connect directly with Dr. Ellie!

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get handle on your oral health is to connect directly with Dr. Ellie. 

Dr. Ellie has been coaching people for decades on the best way to optimize oral health for themselves and their family. The individual coaching sessions give you an opportunity to connect directly with Dr. Ellie via phone, Skype or Zoom*.

Many of Dr. Ellie's clients just want to have a better understanding of why they might be struggling with their oral health and what steps they can take towards improvement. 

Some common questions/concerns are:

  • How did I suddenly get a cavity at age 35 when I’ve never had one before?
  • Why do my teeth hurt when I eat and drink certain things? How can I make this go away?
  • I have a dry mouth; what are some ways to improve this on a daily basis? Can I have healthy teeth if I have dry mouth?
  • We just found out my 2-year-old has multiple cavities! What should we do?
  • My teen needs braces. What are some things we need to think about BEFORE getting the braces?
  • Why does gum disease happen? What are some things that can help it go away?
  • I want to understand better how The Complete Mouth Care System works.

*For international clients, please note that you will need to be available via Skype or Zoom; phone is not an option if you are outside the U.S.  

**Please note, Dr. Ellie will not diagnose or treat via these coaching programs, instead she is here to offer education and guidance to help you on your journey to improved oral health. 

Single session

Schedule a single 1-hour coaching session with Dr. Ellie



  • Perfect for getting in-depth answers and explanations to a couple of your most pressing oral health questions and concerns
  • A great way to get a more in-depth understanding of Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System
THREE Sessions

Register for THREE 1-hour coaching sessions with Dr. Ellie



  • Save 20% off each session when you register for 3 sessions (that's a $210 savings!)
  • The ideal option for those with more serious oral health issues, questions and concerns
  • Perfect for the person who desires more encouragement and direction

Client testimonial

“Fabulous news! I have just come from a checkup and cleaning at the periodontist and I am happy, happy, happy! I never thought that this could happen, having been told that “once a periodontal patient, always a periodontal patient.” None of my dental care providers ever talked to me about acidity or even know anything about xylitol. But thanks to you everything is so very improved and, best of all, there was no more talk of surgery. Over the past 5 years, I have seen 3 different periodontists and there has always been talk of flap surgery, which I have rejected because I am very afraid of the procedure…BUT TODAY, I am so, very, very relieved. Thank you so very, very, much Dr. Ellie! I am more enthusiastic and determined than ever and I am spreading the word! I am proud to be part of the “grass-roots” component, using word-of-mouth to spread the message about how everyone can have great oral health! With immense gratitude and respect.”