Meet Dr. Ellie

An Oral Health Educator

I have been a dentist for over four decades, but I prefer to think of myself an Oral Health Educator. This is because I respect the true definition of doctor, which originates from the Latin word “docco” – to teach. I believe that a real doctor should interest his or her patients in the importance of daily home care, diet and the causes and prevention of disease.

My Core Belief

My core belief is that people who care about their teeth should be successful.
I believe it is vital to have an effective oral health coach who will help you understand how to improve your mouth health. Maybe your coach is your dentist or hygienist – but if you visit a dental office that is simply fixing cavities and cleaning teeth – they could be too busy to teach you how to control your own mouth health successfully.

Books, Articles and Internet teaching

I have been involved in oral health education and the prevention of dental disease throughout my long career. I have written books– including Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and The Power of Xylitol, I’ve built numerous websites and blogs, created booklets and articles, and answered thousands of emails and online questions. I’ve given seminars, coached patients and practiced prevention on my family – which is why I have strong opinions about fluoride, sealants, wisdom tooth extraction and and other conventional dental practices.

The Science of Dental Health

I learned a great deal during my early years as a dentist in Switzerland. I learned about implants and also about foods that help skin and bone heal quickly. For three decades I have studied the science of mouth health and am fortunate to have friends who are prominent health educators, and who keep me informed of the latest research in the areas of diet and nutrition for health.

Mouth-Body Connection

About 10 years ago I was a Founding Member of a dental organization called The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). Originally we were just a handful of dental professionals and doctors who shared a passion and belief that mouth health affects body health. Together we seeded this organization, which today has a worldwide membership of dentists, hygienists, preventive cardiologists and physicians. AAOSH is committed to helping patients learn how chronic disease in the mouth can impact general health and contribute to conditions that include cardiovascular disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

A Passion For Sharing Knowledge

I have taught preventive dental approaches to dentists, hygienists, nurses and doctors in a variety of programs for over 30 years. I have dental experience in almost every aspect of dentistry and have always tried to layer emerging new science with clinical experience and observation. I love to read and have a keen interest in traditional and modern thoughts on nutrition and digestive health. I truly believe there is a strong connection between digestive imbalance and many chronic health problems, including gum disease.

Searching For Joy

I feel fortunate to have studied physics, chemistry and biology before I became a dentist. When I graduated from dental school I thought I wanted to be an oral surgeon, then a kids dentist, then I took orthodontic courses, cosmetic and endodontic courses (root canals). I worked in three countries: the U.K., Switzerland and the United States during the 40 years of my career. In the United States I took graduate programs in different specialties – in pediatric and also in advanced general dentistry. I’ve worked as a dentist with special needs patients, seniors in nursing homes, babies and preschool kids. I was the director of a children’s clinic in England and I was the outpatient clinic director at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health. I’ve worked in Private Practice and was Faculty at the University of Rochester in New York. During this search for my place in dentistry, I discovered that my real joy is preventing dental disease and helping people learn how to care for their teeth, so they can experience the healthiest mouth possible.

A Passion For Family Dental Health

I am a mother of five and a grandma of seven. I know what it’s like to be a busy working Mom who wants the best for her kids – especially for their health.

Forty years ago I used a small slide carousel to give short education programs to pregnant women in England. Before their babies were born I helped these mothers learn why teeth decay and what they could do to prevent damage in their children’s teeth. Many mothers listened, were successful, and noticed the difference in their children’s mouths. Today we have video, Internet and an exciting possibility to reach many more people. This is now my dream: To explain the value of mouth health and show YOU how to achieve it.

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