Success Stories: Stoping early childhood caries in 2 year old

The letter below was submitted on July 19, 2013 as a comment to one of our posts. It is a wonderful story of success and we thought it would be good to share as its own post! We are thrilled to hear that Angela was able to stop the caries disease in her youngest son (age 2 at the time) with a few simple products — and she was able to avoid the treatment of sedation and extraction of 4 of his teeth as recommended by the pediatric dentists she saw. What wonderful news! Thank you Angela for sharing. 


Hi Dr. Ellie,

I wanted to write to you with a success story! I found your site about 4 years ago when my youngest son was diagnosed with early childhood dental caries. At first, all I noticed was a small dark spot on my son’s front tooth. I immediately took him to our family dentist (whom I adore). After examining my son’s teeth, our dentist recommended that we see a pediatric dentist for treatment. I took my son to 2 different pediatric dentists and they both said the same thing…that my son needed to be sedated and have his 4 front teeth extracted. I was floored and disheartened. I knew deep down in my heart that I did not want to do this. That is when I started searching for an alternative treatment. By the grace of God, I found you.

I started using your suggested treatment for toddlers: a drop of Bubblegum Act to “brush” teeth, along with Zellies Xylitol crystals in his water that he sipped at night and throughout the day. He also munched on Zellies mints and gum. In fact, my whole family eats Zellies mints and gum and uses the complete mouth care system.

I was reluctant to take my youngest son (who is now 6 years old) to the dentist, for fear that I would be scolded and reprimanded for not treating his front teeth in the “traditional” way. Recently, his front teeth started to get loose, so I took him back to our family dentist for a checkup. I told her ahead of time that I had chosen not to pull his teeth and had been treating him with Xylitol

His checkup was wonderful! Even though his teeth are not perfect to look at (they are chipped and have brown and black spots), our dentist said that she was amazed at how well they had held up over the past 4 years. His x-rays showed that his permanent teeth were getting ready to erupt and that they were very healthy. She said that we could just wait and let his teeth fall out naturally.

I must say, that when I begin using your system, my son’s teeth were very sensitive when I brushed them. After about 2 months of using the Bubblegum Act and Xylitol crystals in his water, he did not experience any pain or sensitivity and has had no pain at all ever since.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want to let other parents know that your system really works!

Keep doing what you do!


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