The letter below was submitted on July 19, 2013 as a comment to one of our posts. It is a wonderful story of success and we thought it would be good to share as its own post! We are thrilled to hear that Angela was able to stop the caries disease in her youngest son (age 2 at the time) with a few simple products — and she was able to avoid the treatment of sedation and extraction of 4 of his teeth as recommended by the pediatric dentists she saw. What wonderful news! Thank you Angela for sharing. 


Hi Dr. Ellie,

I wanted to write to you with a success story! I found your site about 4 years ago when my youngest son was diagnosed with early childhood dental caries. At first, all I noticed was a small dark spot on my son’s front tooth. I immediately took him to our family dentist (whom I adore). After examining my son’s teeth, our dentist recommended that we see a pediatric dentist for treatment. I took my son to 2 different pediatric dentists and they both said the same thing…that my son needed to be sedated and have his 4 front teeth extracted. I was floored and disheartened. I knew deep down in my heart that I did not want to do this. That is when I started searching for an alternative treatment. By the grace of God, I found you.

I started using your suggested treatment for toddlers: a drop of Bubblegum Act to “brush” teeth, along with Zellies Xylitol crystals in his water that he sipped at night and throughout the day. He also munched on Zellies mints and gum. In fact, my whole family eats Zellies mints and gum and uses the complete mouth care system.

I was reluctant to take my youngest son (who is now 6 years old) to the dentist, for fear that I would be scolded and reprimanded for not treating his front teeth in the “traditional” way. Recently, his front teeth started to get loose, so I took him back to our family dentist for a checkup. I told her ahead of time that I had chosen not to pull his teeth and had been treating him with Xylitol

His checkup was wonderful! Even though his teeth are not perfect to look at (they are chipped and have brown and black spots), our dentist said that she was amazed at how well they had held up over the past 4 years. His x-rays showed that his permanent teeth were getting ready to erupt and that they were very healthy. She said that we could just wait and let his teeth fall out naturally.

I must say, that when I begin using your system, my son’s teeth were very sensitive when I brushed them. After about 2 months of using the Bubblegum Act and Xylitol crystals in his water, he did not experience any pain or sensitivity and has had no pain at all ever since.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want to let other parents know that your system really works!

Keep doing what you do!


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  • Dear Dr. Ellie,

    I have been using your Complete Mouth Care System for my son and myself for 16 months. My son was six when we began in late June of 2013, and his six-year molars were just coming in, along with several bottom front teeth. All of his new teeth had an overall yellowish brownish color, which I read is typical, especially when compared to pearly white baby teeth. After 16 months, his front permanent teeth are now beautiful and white, but his six-year molars are still discolored….I believe we are following the system perfectly and wonder if you have any additional advice, especially with my son getting ready for braces on his teeth. As for me, my results with the system have been perfect! My teeth are no longer sensitive to hot or cold, they are whiter, brighter, and I have been 100% pain-free since starting the system. I have recommended it to family and friends and seven of them are now following it as well! Thanks so much!

  • Dr Elle,

    Hi! My mother lost her teeth at 49, don’t know when she started losing them, we never brushed

    our teeth as kids and I actually started when I got married at 25, before that I had a nice smile,

    never a tooth problem, I guess I did not know how to floss and snap my gums one time, I

    remember hurting and bleeding, after that day, one problem after another.

    Finally I went to the Dentist at 29, did nothing for my gums, and said I needed “8” fillings, since I

    knew berry little about this I trusted him, well after 2weeks the filling came out, leaving 8 holes,

    terrified I never went back to the Dentist.

    I’m now 37 and a year ago I went to a different Dentist and payed a lot for a deep clean ($1,600),

    my gums shrunk, which I did not know had to happened for your gums to heal, now I have gaps

    between my front teeth, which make me not want to smile, I do not fell confident anymore and

    really want to be optimistic and keep looking for help, a friend recommended listerine, which

    helps but my mouth feels different, I tell my self: it’s how it should feel, clean.

    I have a 6 year old beautiful daughter who is changing teeth, which terrifies me, I really really

    want to help her keep her teeth for life, and hopefully won’t be to late for me, any advice would

    be appreciated!!!!

    • Try to look over our blog and consider my book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”. This book will give you confidence and hope moving forward and lots of information to help you and your daughter. You are correct to be concerned about this transmissible disease. There is an easy way to protect your teeth with xylitol. If you live in the US it is easy to use the program we recommend. My suggestion is to start with the Complete Mouth Care System as soon as possible. I suggest you purchase the kit from our website ( and then you can take empty containers to Walgreens or other stores when it is time for refills. All the advice you need is here on our websites, in my book, on downloadable PDFs and booklets.

  • Dr Ellie,
    I have always been told by my dental hygienists and dentists that I take very good care of my teeth with daily flossing and brushing two to three times a day. And yet, new cavities appear regularly and require fillings. I started an Invisilign treatment 5 weeks ago and lately the bottom teeth have been putting pressure on my 2 upper front teeth making them loose. I have read your book and I am very concerned that the Invisilign trays may prevent adequate saliva flow to the teeth and cause additional cavities.
    I have just started using your mouth care system and putting my Invisilign trays back into place after rinsing with Act. Would you recommend that I use Xylitol throughout the day with the Invisilign trays in place? Should I spray some Xylitol or Act into the trays before I put them back in? What are your suggestions for dealing with Invisilign and preventing more cavities? Thank you so much for your help. I am terrified at the thought of more cavities forming when I have had so many fillings already!

    • You’ve spent a lifetime thinking that the more your teeth are cleaned, flossed, polished, and brushed, the healthier they will be. Now I’d suggest you think of teeth like live coral and see how they depend on, and are nurtured by, the liquids that surround them in your mouth. If you soak teeth in acidity ( acidic or sugary drinks) they dissolve. If you provide teeth with mineral-rich saliva, they get stronger. Brushing is useful to apply good toothpaste to teeth, but mostly the purpose of brushing is to stimulate circulation in the gums – to improve gum health.

      Whole-body nutrition is important because diet and the health of your digestive tract impacts the quality of saliva – so maybe add some whole-food supplements and probiotics. Drink only at mealtimes and limit between-meal drinks and snacks ( ending with Zellies). I’m glad you are using the Complete Mouth Care System – but ensure you have exact products and use each rinse for the correct amount of time( especially the Closys which takes the first 30 seconds to become active in your mouth and then 30 seconds to work). Do not rinse with water between the steps.

      You are correct that ACT residue on teeth will protect them for a few hours after you put your Invisilign appliance in place. This is useful at night, and perhaps you can use the System in the same way in the morning, to benefit your teeth after you clean them. Limit snacking, and after every drink, meal, or snack, have some Zellies mints or Polar Bears! If possible perhaps use the Complete Mouth Care System after lunch to give you an additional few hours of protection.

      My biggest concern is your loose teeth. Be sure to massage the gums all around them with your toothbrush – to stimulate circulation around these teeth. It is the blood supply in these gums that brings nutrients and cells to heal them (from the inside out). The circulation in gums does not flow by itself, so you must get the blood to circulate with massage. Perhaps you need a smaller manual brush. I think a manual brush is easier to use than an electric brush for good gum massage.

  • Dr Elli
    please I need your help! my 7 years old daughter new front permanent teeth came with white spots. I am so disappointed because I looked after very well her baby teeth . She had beautiful smile but now her front permanent teeth came with a gap between them and with white fleck they are not pitted o damaged only the discolouration, her lower incisor came fine it is only the top ones. I don’t know what went wrong and I am worry that the rest of her permanent teeth come like this, I have been searching for possible causes and I found that it could be flourosis , medication, fever when she was a young child but she was quite healthy. The only thing I can think of that is that I bottle feeded her but no exclusively. But now I am concern knowing how anything could damaged development of children teeth, because my poor little girl developed in August this year a viral infection of the skin ( Molluscum ) on her chin I took her to the homeophatic Dr to be treated (it was before her top permanent appeared ) and she prescribed thuja and other Herbal medicine ChRc LM1 which I don’t know what is it and she has been taking them for about a month now. Please help me with any advice
    Is there any treatment for the white spots? Is the gap between her teeth going to close with time?. Taking homeophatic medicine can cause any damage to the permanent teeth that haven’t erupted yet? The homeophatic doctors says it is safe and I told her about the white spots on the teeth and she prescribed me homeopathic Calphos tables to help but I don’t know what to do I stopped the medication until I am sure I am not doing any harm to her teeth. on the other hand her skin just look awful it breaks my hart to see her that way I am living a night mare I feel that I need to help her to treat this virus as we’ll . Please give some advise I will really appreciate your help. I still need to take her to the dentist. It was close for the Christmas holidays and they open next week.

    • New teeth are always soft and easily damaged. This is why it is very important to take great care of newly erupted teeth. Encourage your daughter to drink only at meals. If she is thirsty or needs to drink between meals – it should only be water (without any flavors). End every meal with Zellies mints or gum. The xylitol in Zellies work to help to help harden teeth by mineralization.

      Twice a day I suggest a child erupting permanent teeth should brush with Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and then rinse with ACT dilute fluoride rinse. This special kind of care will probably enable any soft spots to harden up quickly – and you may see these marks disappear within days. I do NOT suggest filling these teeth in any way. The latest craze in dentistry is to infiltrate white spots with plastic – and I DO NOT recommend this. Reverse the problem naturally for at least a year or two – using the products that I recommend.

      The gap between the front teeth is entirely normal, and will likely close up when she has all her permanent teeth fully erupted. It sounds as if she has a very concerned mother – and I am sure that these may be marks and problems that naturally disappear.

      I am not able to diagnose here about skin problems, but in similar cases we have found digestive probiotics very useful( metagenics or Garden of Life) for skin conditions. Also you may want to apply nano-silver directly to the skin with a gauze – make sure it stays on the lesions for at least 6 minutes each time. Do this multiple times each day – and you can use these two therapies simultaneously.

      • Dr Elli
        Thanks a lot for answering my questions, You are a “star” I really appreciate your advice I will follow it step by step.

  • Dr. Ellie:

    I have been using your system for about 3 years, and it’s been very helpful. However, about 2 months ago, I came down with a severe viral infection, which caused jaundice, and more relevantly, papillitis on my tongue.

    Since then, the left side of my tongue and sometimes my face swell up, making it difficult for me to eat and talk. I have seen an allergist/immunolgist and my ENT, but nobody knows what is really going on. My ENT has told me to stop using Listerine and ACT, even though I explained about my bad enamel and staining (crooked teeth).

    Right now I am just using the Closys rinse and the Crest. Is there a different follow-up rinse that is non-flouride that you think would be helpful? I realize your system is meant to work in tandem, but I can’t use anything that would exacerbate the papillitis at present.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for your message – I am sorry to hear about this horrible condition that appears to affect your mouth – we all know how uncomfortable that must be. I definitely encourage you to keep up with adequate amounts of Zellies (or xylitol in some form) – and use the products that feel the best to your mouth. During chemotherapy some people have found Polar Bears very useful – their taste is mild and they provide 1.3 grams with each bear. Zellies fruit mints are delicious, and our spearmint gum is a softer flavor that may work for you, if you are looking for something minty.

      I think you are doing the best you can with the mouth care routine but, since it is not complete, I feel you need to have enough xylitol throughout the day. For gum health I always recommend looking closely at diet, to ensure you have good adequate vitamins, and possibly probiotics to aid digestion. When people have tongue issues, dentists immediately consider lack of CoQ10 and B vitamins – but I am sure your specialists have considered this – particularly since you have also had liver involvement.

      My only other suggestion is to add some organic yogurt to your diet ( in addition to digestive Probiotics). Put a little fresh pineapple into this yogurt and start your day or your lunch with this. This will ensure you have some digestive help from the pineapple (which also provides vitamin K, C, and bromalain- things that help skin heal and also reduce inflammation).

      Please let us know if any of these suggestions are useful. We wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Dr Ellie, I love you and your system! Has truly saved my whole family from a lifetime of pain and bad health. I have a quick question. I went to my grocery store and bought Act anticavity rinse, but it seems the formula has changed. It still says alcohol free, but the inactive ingredients have changed. The new one lists sorbitol after water, but the old one listed sorbitol at the bottom. And the new one adds propylene glycol. Other than that the ingredients look the same, although in different order. The foil on top is silver instead of green. Does this make a difference w/ your system?? I’m scared!

    • Don’t worry! We have confirmation from high levels at this manufacturer that the formulation has not changed – only the order of listing of the ingredients. Apparently there are new recommendations about the way ingredient lists are composed. The ACT manufacturer decided to modify their old labels to comply. You are safe and secure with the ACT anticavity mouthwash – so don’t worry! They have confirmed the product has not changed!

      • thank you !! what a relief to know. Keep up the awesome work Dr Ellie and THANK YOU for giving my teeth a new life!!

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