We just received this photo from a follower of Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System. Look how great these containers work for the rinses! Makes it easy for the whole family to use.

Complete Mouth Care System_user dispensing set up

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Moms Oral Health Matters

Moms Oral Health Matters
  • Is the IDEal brand of no calorie sweetner acceptable? I need a brown sugar substitute

    My husband and I have been on the system for one month I really feel the difference in clean

    fresh taste..hard time finding the original Listerine Mint and Crest Paste..

    • Be very wary of “ideal xylitol” since it is xylitol mixed with sucralose – or Splenda.

      This is the worst product – since Splenda affects pH of the gut and will make everything in your body topsy-turvy.
      Try to get pure 100 percent xylitol crystals – it is worth the search.

      I’m sorry you are having trouble finding the products. I usually have success in Walmart or Walgreens. In Walgreens you will find Closys as well. Often the store manager will stock the products you want (even Zellie’s) if you ask them 🙂
      Here is a link to the booklet – so you can refresh your memory! LINK

    • The fake colors of these rinses do not stain teeth. Tooth staining occurs when teeth are porous and stains travel up open and unprotected pores. The reaction of the rinses is to build minerals into pores of enamel – making it less porous and less able to stain.
      Innumerable people have used this colored combination for decades and none have reported green teeth – only shiny white ones! I wish these products were more organic and colorless – but the positive thing is how easily one can determine a successful “spit out”!
      Hope this helps you feel better about the colors!

      • My teeth are porous. I discovered this when my very first use turned them a definite green hue. Despite this I continue since they are in need of remineralization.

        • Keep using the complete mouth care system and the porosity will go away…..truly it is the ONLY way I know that will naturally fill in the “holes” and keep teeth strong for life!
          Of course – don’t forget to use Zellies after everything you eat and drink (to limit damage) while you strengthen and build up your tooth enamel with the Complete Mouth Care System!

          • Thank you! I’m 2 weeks into the system. I’m still using the exact products, 1 min each (3 min for toothpaste), no water rinsing in between steps, and disinfect the new brush with Listerine. I’m using 100% xylitol granules, some Spry mints (no glycerin), and have ordered Zellies. I use the granules morning, noon and night at minimum, and Spry, 2 at a time, in between those servings and in the middle of the night, another 3 times. Im 51 and recently discovered that my mouth is very dry and that I’m having rampant demineralization and cavities. For 2 months I’ve supplemented daily with FCLO, Vit D3, Vit C, raw milk, raw butter, bone broth with fresh veggies, and cut out most nuts, sweets, fruits, and even my gluten free grain products. After reading your recommendations, I’ve limited eating and drinking to meals. On top of this, I’ve added a 1 hour hike for a little sunshine and stress reduction 5 times a week. Despite my best efforts, the areas of demineralization appear to be visibly worsening.

            • Hi! On June 1st I’ve been on the complete program for 3 months. Stopping sips between meals and finishing with xylitol or tooth protective foods is a no-brainer. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Ellie’s because of her hopefulness and cheerleading. I’ve watched every video and read every post of hers. My family has heard me tell of every strength of xylitol and of everything I have learned find astounding about developing and keeping away cavities.

              My question is: how long before a small cavity heals? Mine has grown deeper since beginning the program, (the very first evening it appeared was March 1st) and am looking
              to find out when is it time to quit and get a filling? It it a bottom tooth next to and behind a canine, so it is visible.

              • It’s unfortunate so few dentists use the Canary System – a light to measure the strength of teeth. This equipment creates a picture like a weather map – showing soft areas -like hurricane centers – red and problematic! As the tooth hardens – the colors lighten up – so a dentist can keep you under surveillance and measure the speed of tooth healing. You may want to use the Complete Mouth Care System 3 times daily – just to give an extra tip to the balance to healing. Ensure the xylitol you are using has no glycerin added and – of course – ensure the correct toothpaste and exact rinses – extremely important!

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