I’ve been wanting to make educational videos for a long time, but for various reasons it has been a difficult task. However, I think I’ve finally conquered the hurdles and I hope to share with you a series of videos to go along with my blog posts. The topics will be varied, and I’d love to hear your ideas for video topics (please post in the comments below).

As you know, I LOVE xylitol! I started my company Zellie’s because of how much I love xylitol. Xylitol is great for so many reasons, but for improved oral health, there are specific times when you want to be eating it. In this short video, I list 3 of the ways xylitol can help improve oral health and when it is the ideal time to use xylitol for healthier teeth.

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Ask Dr. Ellie: Granular Xylitol

Ask Dr. Ellie: Granular Xylitol
  • Hi Dr. Ellie, Is it effective to swish xylitol in your mouth for a couple of minutes after eating and then to spit it out? The chewing gum that is available in Canada doesn’t agree with me so I am using the granular xylitol.

    • Sure – this works! The only caveat I would add is that if you put the granules in water and let them dissolve outside your mouth( in the water) this solution of xylitol is not as effective as granules “on their own” in your mouth. I used to recommend xylitol in water – and it is useful – but not as effective as granules on their own and NOT dissolved in water.

  • Hi Dr. Ellie, Will I get some benefit from xylitol if I swish it around in my mouth for a couple of minutes after eating and then spit it out? I’m using a couple of teaspoons of granular xylitol a day. The chewing gum that I am able to purchase in Canada doesn’t agree with me.

    • This may be a duplicate question – and you may have received a reply, but I will add you may want to consider consuming a very tiny amount of pure granules – just those on the very end of the teaspoon. Xylitol has a healing effect on the gut – and if you gradually (over 6 months for example) wean yourself to consume about a teaspoon a day – it can have whole body benefits. Xylitol is often added to probiotics because it feeds good bacteria. Some studies show xylitol consumed with red ginseng – may offer protection from the flu virus. Here is a link to this information: LINK

    • Most “chewing gum with xylitol” has an inadequate amount of xylitol to be effective. Only above 3 grams of xylitol per day will bring oral health benefits. Zellie’s pure xylitol gum has one gram of xylitol in each piece, so having 3 or more pieces (per day) will bring benefits. Many other xylitol gums have less than a gram – and some (like trident) have so little is more about marketing than effectiveness….

      It’s good to end every meal, snack or drink with pure xylitol gum. This habit will alkalize your mouth and help strengthen and clean teeth. In the gut xylitol is fiber and feeds healthy gut bacteria. Xylitol breaks down to become butyrate, which is a product that helps repair and heal intestinal cell walls.

      In the 1800s xylitol was used by diabetics to stabilize blood glucose and as a a low Glycemic sweetener(Glycemic Index of 7.0). Athletes use xylitol to help prevent catabolic breakdown of muscle – and in the 1960s was used to control sugar and smoking cravings. In Europe some recommend xylitol to help combat osteoporosis at a higher daily amount – more around 20 grams per day.

  • Thank you so much, Dr. Ellie!
    It would be wonderful if you made a video discussing alkaline foods. Things that would be fine to leave on your teeth (if you don’t have any xylitol on hand).
    I went for my 6 month cleaning last week, and my hygienist said, “You have virtually no plaque.” Can’t tell you how wonderful that feels.
    I have had braces for 1 1/2 years and been using your system for 2 1/2.

    • Producing this video took a long time – but I’m committed to keep the ball rolling and make more videos about xylitol and oral health. Keeping things concise is more difficult than rambling on – but it’s a necessity! I’ll work hard to use your suggestion and make a video soon about foods that alkalize the mouth. I appreciate your great idea and also your support. Ellie

  • Dear Dr. Ellie,

    Thank your for the short video. I have been following your protocol for 3 months and my teeth feel clean and healthy. I have an appointment in November with Dr. Saul Pressner who you recommended and I am hopeful I will receive a good report.

    Best regards,


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    • Dr. Saul is a Biomimetic dentist – and a great person. You will be happy with him I am sure. Biomimetic dentists are an interesting group and they strive to provide the finest fillings and preserve teeth as much as possible.Here is a link to the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry LINK

  • Hi Ellie! We have been devoted to your oral hygiene routine for 10 years now! As fa as we are concerned, there is no other viable oral hygiene system! Our dental health has been incredible, and any tooth sensitivity is nonexistent! Of course, xylitol is a key component of the routine! Our mouths always feel so refreshed! We could never return to our prior way of taking care of our dental needs! Since we discovered you, dental issues are nonexistent! We promote the system to anybody who is interested in improving their oral health! In upcoming videos, you could discuss root canals, whitening, gum recession as well as the the importance of following the routine as designed! Thank you for all that do!

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