In the 1950s people believed the world was about to change. World War II had concluded, antibiotics and other pharmacological wonders had arrived, and improvements in communication were about to bring a life of better health, world harmony and improved prosperity for everyone. Today, a generation later, we look at our senior population – our parents or grandparents – and see an epidemic of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, dementia and Alzheimers. Many are experiencing a terrible ending to life: so what went wrong?

This is a story about bad information. Our parents were told low-fat and sugarless products were healthy. Artificial chemicals tasting like the “real thing” were used in foods and drinks. So many people, like my parents, believed these products were better than butter or home-grown vegetables. They followed the advice and swallowed toxic substances in foods, drinks and over-the-counter potions, thinking they were miracles to loose weight and live a long life.

For many reasons we must weigh advice from all sources. Today many doctors understand the value of natural food for health, and how the body can build it’s own defense system to fight illness and disease. Dentistry still lags in understanding nutrition for oral health and the value of unfilled, pristine teeth and sustainable oral health. Perhaps our biggest worry should be the link between mouth plaque and chronic disease.

Remember oral health can be protected and improved with xylitol – and consider 2016 a New Year for your teeth and gums!

Please give Zellie’s xylitol products and my Complete Mouth Care System an opportunity to empower you with the gift of healthier teeth – starting today!

Everyone in the Zellie’s Team would like to wish you and our many supporters a Healthy and Happy New Year! Here is a link to our Zellie’s story and our Healthy Teeth Fund. Zellie’s established the Gift of Healthy Teeth fund in 2014 because we believe healthy teeth are a greatly under-appreciated gift.

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  • I have been reading your website and blog. Such wonderful information! I now understand the damage black tea has on my teeth. I also drink herb teas such as, Tulsi, dandelion, oat straw, nettles, alfalfa, licorice root, rose hips, etc. Do herb teas also leech minerals from the teeth? Thank you!!

    • Only saliva has the exact minerals to repair teeth.
      Any liquid (even water) that dilutes our re-mineralizing saliva will not be helpful to teeth. This is why sipping ANY drink will eventually cause damage. Try to limit sipping and end meals with Zellie’s mints or gum to alkalize the mouth and stimulate a flow of healing saliva. This way you don’t need to worry what you choose to eat or drink …..Zellie’s will help you protect your teeth from harm!
      Here is a link to my blog post about sipping: LINK

    • Most brewed teas contain problematic phytic acids, which leach minerals out of teeth. When you finish drinking tea- have a Zellie mint or piece of gum – to help protect and re-mineralize the tooth enamel. One tea that is different is rooibos tea – which is high in anti-oxidants and appears to be kinder to teeth! Rooibos is caffeine free and has received many health accolades. I’m sipping some Rooibos as I write this message 🙂

  • Can the upper teeth move deeper into gumline? Example, when your clenching real hard, when your teeth come together. From bottom of your teeth to gumline can the teeth go in more? When I feel with my tongue the side of my upper teeth, it feels like their shorter, from bottom of teeth to gumline.

  • Happy Holidays! Thank you for all that you do! All who participate in your oral hygiene routine benefit! We know, we are two among many!

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