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Time to take a new approach to oral health care

Every year in the United States 52 MILLION school hours are lost because children have cavities.

TWO out of THREE adults have dental disease and we know many of these oral health problems impact systemic body health by exacerbating chronic inflammatory health conditions that may lead to heart attacks, stroke, dementia and arthritis.

I urge everyone to consider if the traditional oral health is working and effective for them. You may believe you should brush and floss, but there are radically different strategies that consider the biology, chemistry, and physics of mouth health.

In 2010 I published Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, a book written to help people frustrated by ongoing dental treatments. I wanted to empower them with effective strategies to stop cavities and gum disease using over-the-counter oral care products. The United States Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona endorsed my book and the presentation of this science about oral health.

Last year, I published even more updated science in another book called Mouth Care Comes Clean.

In August 2019, I launched a video online course (The Oral Health Bootcamp). Each video topic is a 5 - 25 minute class that covers the most important dental topics and the dental problems adults often experience.

 Learn more now about the Oral Health Bootcamp:

On The Air with Patrick Timpone

Recently I spoke with Patrick Timpone on his One Radio Network radio show about everything oral health. I was originally scheduled for a 1-hour interview, but that turned into a 2+ hour interview and then another 2-hour follow-up interview!

I really enjoyed speaking with Patrick! We covered so much and I believe followers of my Complete Mouth Care System may be interested in the questions he asked me, and also about Oral DNA testing, a test which helps illustrate mouth health from a periodontal (gum) perspective.

At the end of the first interview, Patrick decided to take the Oral DNA test and learn more about HIS mouth health. He discovered a number of gum disease pathogens and he talked about the results during the second interview.

Patrick is now following my system and he will retest in a couple of months – to check on improvements and how things have changed since he started some new mouth care habits.

To listen to the show recordings or read the show highlights, please see links posted below.


July 31, 2017 Show Recording (1st hour):

July 31, 2017 Show Recording (2nd hour):

August 15, 2017 Show Recording:


July 31, 2017 Show Highlights:

August 15, 2017 Show Highlights:

Why I Wrote My Book

Learn why I wrote my book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” and why this book can help you achieve ultimate oral health!


Read reviews from people who have already read my book!


Meet Your Dental Plaque

Your mouth is full of bacteria — both good, protective, beneficial bacteria and harmful, disease-promoting bacteria. Just like with the bacteria in your gut, the goal for a healthy mouth is to promote the good, protective bacteria and keep the bad bacteria at bay. And guess what…xylitol does just that!

Check out this cool video that researchers from the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass. put together showing these bacterial communities in your mouth.

Blooming Bacteria

Are Cavities About Zip Code?

My book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, was written when Dr. Richard Carmona was Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Carmona was concerned about the state of oral health in America and he graciously gave my book a glowing testimonial and his personal support. In chapter eight I explain why “community” water fluoridation (adding fluoride to drinking water) is so different from the use of a well-formulated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse. Some fluoride in oral products can have a beneficial effect on the outside of teeth – but then we spit it out.

Children with good teeth do not need fluoride. Young children are in the most danger from “fluorosis” – something that happens to enamel when fluoride in drinking water is ingested. It can create voids in tooth enamel that are seen as brown or chalky white spots in the enamel. More important is the concern that drinking fluoride can harm a young child’s thyroid. I believe this may be a great risk for young girls, potentially impacting their fertility as adults.

Fluoride cannot prevent cavities, although it can help repair already-damaged teeth. Fluoride is like a “pill” to “fix” but it does nothing to prevent the “illness” of cavities. If you need a “fix” then sodium fluoride appears to be the safest topical fluoride, and a tube of Crest Cavity Protection Paste at WallMart costs $2/ tube for a year’s supply! apply to the damaged tooth and then spit it out!

Cavities are caused by harmful bacteria – and these are easy to eliminate from a baby’s mouth with a few xylitol crystals wiped on erupting teeth daily. Xylitol feeds healthy bacteria in a baby’s, toddler’s or adult’s mouth. Once healthy bacteria gain a foot-hold, they protect teeth from plaque and this will prevent cavities.

Remember these important facts:

1. Cavity “disease” is  a completely preventable bacterial disease.
2. Cavities are not genetic. Harmful bacteria travel from mouth to mouth by kissing and sharing food and utensils.
3. Fluoride has no effect on cavity-causing bacteria and does not prevent unhealthy germs from spreading to friends and family, and potentially building plaque to damage teeth and gums.
4. Fluoride can help rebuild damaged teeth as a “fix” – but fluoride is not a solution for plaque or plaque’s health-damaging effect.
5. Studies show daily xylitol eradicates 98% of plaque from teeth.
6. When baby teeth are “cleaned” with xylitol, healthy bacteria become a barrier – offering long-term protection to erupting teeth.
7. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) self-reports fluoridation as “one of the greatest .. achievements of the 21st Century”. They completely ignore the fears and dangers of fluoride consumption.

Our current US Surgeon General appears to take the ADA’s traditional position on drinking fluoride. Notice when you listen to Dr. Murthy’s video that he never says “fluoride PREVENTS cavities”. The truth is fluoride can only “fix” existing weakness (to reduce the prevalence and severity of cavities – it does nothing to eliminate plaque or prevent infection – which continues). Listen as he infers poor people have worse teeth because of their zip code. Remember thyroid health, fertility effects in girls, and fluoride’s lack of effect on plaque, are never mentioned.

Here is the You Tube Video of US Surgeon General, Dr Vivek H Murthy on water fluoridation:


How Long Do Implants Last?

implantsYou may have been told you need a tooth extracted and your dentist can quickly fix the problem with an “implant”. Before you sign on to this kind of treatment, realize that an extraction, crown, and ongoing maintenance will ultimately cost you thousands of dollars. For this reason be sure to ask your dentist, “how long does an implant last?”

This can be a tough question for your dentist, who doesn’t want to give you false expectations, dissuade you, or loose you to another office. Implants are business, but implants are subject to disease as much as regular teeth. Implants are not permanent solutions if you have plaque. An implant will be infected by the infection that caused your tooth problems in the first place. You must get rid of any mouth infection before an implant – otherwise you will loose this implant and end up with dentures anyway.

Of course implants may be perfect replacements for an accidental injury or if an old tooth breaks in a healthy mouth. Problems happen when implants are put into infected mouths, which in my opinion, is neither ethical or wise.

Before implant treatment, I suggest :
1. Get your mouth healthy with Zellie’s and my Complete Mouth Care System – for at least 8 weeks
2. Take an OralDNA or other test to see if you have gum disease bacteria in your mouth
3. Consider building body health with a mineral-rich diet, probiotics and a good supplement regimen: before and after any surgery (3-6 months).

With a healthy mouth and a strong immune system, your chance of long-term implant success will be radically improved.

Prepare to Repair!

It’s frightening to be told you have a disease in your mouth. Even those who brush their teeth and visit the dentist can end up with dental problems. Despite the fact that dentistry is Evidence Based, more specialized, and more available to the public than ever before, dental diseases continues to destroy teeth of children and adults – almost unchecked. 

Modern dentistry is fantastic at repairing damaged teeth and making them look good again, but it’s important to remember that the disease that caused the damage continues and will cause more problems down the road. You must never forget that fixing teeth is not the same as preventing dental infection – the disease that caused damage. Don’t trust the marvels of dentistry to protect you from future problems – because it cannot. This is something you have to do yourself with the help of good nutrition, good oral hygiene, and xylitol!

Most people “trust” their dentist – and want to believe they control cavities and dental disease. People have difficulty thinking a tiny Zellie’s mint or piece of gum can do more to prevent future dental problems than their dentist – with all his or her graduate training and expertise. A few grams of xylitol seems so small and insignificant to fight such big dental problems, like periodontal disease and caries. Even dentists have trouble putting faith in xylitol – until they see the results! 

If you have been diagnosed with dental problems, why not take a step of faith and try including a Zellie’s mint or piece of gum after every meal, snack, or drink, for a few months? Set yourself up to enjoy the benefits of prevention as you wait for your next appointment. Your dentist will do everything dentally possible to fix your teeth, but you will likely discover how much he appreciates your help and the help of Zellie’s mints and gum. 

Please let us know when improvements are witnessed at your next dental appointment and share your story – to help others believe in the power of xylitol! 

Halloween Advice – With a Grain of Xylitol

Today the Wall Street Journal published Halloween dental advice about preventing cavities. Dr. Ruchi Sahota, the spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, agreed “sugar-free chewing gum” combats harmful bacteria in the mouth and certain studies show xylitol adds minerals to tooth enamel. Then came the “but” ….as Dr. Sahota explains the evidence is not conclusive to show xylitol prevents cavities.

I want patients to be aware of this “cause” argument, because it is often used to muddy scientific waters. There are people who say bad teeth do not “cause” heart attacks, and gum disease does not “cause” dementia etc. They are technically correct because there is only a link. For example, gum disease bacteria produce inflammation that spreads through the body and results in higher risk for heart attack, dementia etc. As you can see, it’s politician-type talk. The words are correct but they give the wrong impression to the listener. I have a problem because it’s not truth – it’s deceptive.

The reason it’s so difficult to prove something is a “cause”of a health problems is because you’d have to create conditions that give some in the study group a heart attack etc. For teeth, we’d have to give one group of test children sugar candies to “cause” cavities and compare with the kids eating xylitol. Of course this would be unethical and scientists know it. The problem is that the public mis-interpret these statements – assuming it means “there is no connection” – which is grossly untrue.

I suggest you take what the ADA says about xylitol with a grain of salt (or xylitol) and although the ADA says “nothing takes the place of your toothbrush to keep your teeth and gums healthy” I’d like to see some causal science to prove that!

Here is a link to another blog article on this subject:

Xylitol and the Ugly Sisters

cindarellaAs we think about outfits for Halloween, I’d like to suggest xylitol is the “Cinderella” of dentistry. The beauty of xylitol has been diminished and reviled for decades by her competitors, people and organizations who are fearful you will fall in love at first taste!

Xylitol has been giving her gentle support to diabetics for over 100 years. During World War II xylitol was table sugar in Europe, offering families a little sweetness during troubled times. When children consume xylitol in early life they have less ear infections, less cavities, less sinus and allergy problems and as adults we have less acid reflux, plaque, cavities, and perhaps less sickness and overall disease.

With so many benefits why has xylitol been locked in the attic all these years? Why hasn’t anyone suggested xylitol be introduced to the public? The military have used xylitol for 15 years to keep our troops’ teeth safer – yet most people are unaware xylitol even exists.

Years ago a couple of xylitol’s Ugly Sisters mixed a tiny amount of xylitol with sorbitol in their popular gum and mints. This masquarade product promoted xylitol on the wrapper – but the main ingredient was sorbitol – a stomach-twisting product that cast doubt on the benefits of xylitol.

Finally it’s time for xylitol’s Fairy Godmother (AKA Grandma Zellie) to wave her wand and help xylitol reach the embrace of that handsome Prince – your dentist!

Together we can outsmart those Ugly Sisters who have done all they can to keep Cinderella from going to the ball. They know how beautiful she is – they knew the Prince will fall in love immediately. Let’s give xylitol the chance of a lifetime – and then…….. we can all live happily, ever after!

The ADA’s Message vs. Xylitol

Most dentists belong to the American Dental Association (ADA), an organization that co-ordinates and advertises dentistry. The ADA works with insurance companies to get as many men, women and children as possible to visit dental offices regularly. The ADA promotes the idea that we must brush, floss and visit the dentist every 6 months. This idea seems to make sense, but let’s look at the results?

Three-quarters of teens in the US have fillings or cavities, and today we have a nation-wide epidemic of decay in preschool children. 50% of thirty-year-olds have gum disease, and things don’t get better for adults -even those who visit the dentist and brush and floss regularly. The ADA supports the premise that dentists fix teeth when problems happen. A dentist cannot prevent cavities any more than a doctor can stop a sore throat!

Cavities are a bacterial infection and the easiest way to stop cavities is to eat a little xylitol each day. Cavity bacteria grow and multiply at the end of meals – when they feed on sugars in our foods and drinks. Cavity bacteria produce acids that destroy teeth – in addition to acids that may be in foods themselves.

Xylitol at the end of meals will protect teeth from acidity and protect teeth from harmful cavity-bacteria. One to two grams of xylitol five times a day, preferably at the end of meals or drinks, can reduce plaque by 98% at the end of six months. Why not try this and impress your dentist at your next office visit!