Protected: Wendy’s Journey with The Complete Mouth Care System

Many of life’s situations influence our mouth’s biochemistry and can cause it to deteriorate. The months of pregnancy and those following a baby’s birth can be particularly challenging times for a mother’s oral health. Moms who previously enjoyed perfect teeth are often shocked to develop multiple cavities, or experience loose fillings, fractured or sensitive teeth, …read more

Moms Oral Health Matters

QUESTION: If I add granular xylitol to my beverages, will I get the same benefits as from Zellie’s mints?ANSWER:When you add xylitol crystals to beverages, you miss out on many of the oral health benefits. While you can certainly use granular xylitol in many ways to benefit oral health, it must be done properly. At the …read more

Ask Dr. Ellie: Granular Xylitol

Mouth health affects whole body health and poor general health is reflected in the mouth. For centuries, many cultures have assessed health by the condition of a patient’s tongue. People with healthy mouths and healthy digestive health have tongues with no coating and which are a pink color – even first thing in the morning! …read more

Tongue Scraping

Dental health across the globe is an enormous problem. Despite the tireless work of dental professionals, almost every population in the world has overwhelming oral health concerns. Dentists help patients by extracting teeth and providing restorative care, but our current approach to prevention needs to be updated and become more effective. We have new knowledge …read more

World Oral Health

QUESTION: I’m 40 and considering Invisalign braces. 15 months on all day. Then a lifetime of nighttime. Is this manageable, or will they block saliva’s access to the teeth? ANSWER: Invisalign, like braces, are appliances to move teeth, usually to improve a smile or straighten crooked teeth. Teeth are pushed into position by light forces, which cause …read more

Ask Dr. Ellie: Will Invisalign Damage My Oral Health?

Every year in the United States 52 MILLION school hours are lost because children have cavities.  TWO out of THREE adults have dental disease and we know many of these oral health problems impact systemic body health by exacerbating chronic inflammatory health conditions that may lead to heart attacks, stroke, dementia and arthritis.  I urge everyone to …read more

Time to take a new approach to oral health care

Recently I spoke with Patrick Timpone on his One Radio Network radio show about everything oral health. I was originally scheduled for a 1-hour interview, but that turned into a 2+ hour interview and then another 2-hour follow-up interview! I really enjoyed speaking with Patrick! We covered so much and I believe followers of my …read more

On The Air with Patrick Timpone

Learn why I wrote my book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” and why this book can help you achieve ultimate oral health! …….. Read reviews from people who have already read my book! more
Why I Wrote My Book

Your mouth is full of bacteria — both good, protective, beneficial bacteria and harmful, disease-promoting bacteria. Just like with the bacteria in your gut, the goal for a healthy mouth is to promote the good, protective bacteria and keep the bad bacteria at bay. And guess what…xylitol does just that! Check out this cool video …read more

Meet Your Dental Plaque

My book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, was written when Dr. Richard Carmona was Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Carmona was concerned about the state of oral health in America and he graciously gave my book a glowing testimonial and his personal support. In chapter eight I explain why “community” water fluoridation (adding fluoride …read more

Are Cavities About Zip Code?

You may have been told you need a tooth extracted and your dentist can quickly fix the problem with an “implant”. Before you sign on to this kind of treatment, realize that an extraction, crown, and ongoing maintenance will ultimately cost you thousands of dollars. For this reason be sure to ask your dentist, “how …read more

How Long Do Implants Last?