Recently I spoke with Patrick Timpone on his One Radio Network radio show about everything oral health. I was originally scheduled for a 1-hour interview, but that turned into a 2+ hour interview and then another 2-hour follow-up interview!

I really enjoyed speaking with Patrick! We covered so much and I believe followers of my Complete Mouth Care System may be interested in the questions he asked me, and also about Oral DNA testing, a test which helps illustrate mouth health from a periodontal (gum) perspective.

At the end of the first interview, Patrick decided to take the Oral DNA test and learn more about HIS mouth health. He discovered a number of gum disease pathogens and he talked about the results during the second interview.

Patrick is now following my system and he will retest in a couple of months – to check on improvements and how things have changed since he started some new mouth care habits.

To listen to the show recordings or read the show highlights, please see links posted below.


July 31, 2017 Show Recording (1st hour):

July 31, 2017 Show Recording (2nd hour):

August 15, 2017 Show Recording:


July 31, 2017 Show Highlights:

August 15, 2017 Show Highlights:

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  • Hi Dr. Ellie!

    I recently came across your interviews on One Radio Network and have been listening to all of them during the last few days. I’ve also been reading your blog, and I’m starting your system now in a few days (when the products arrive from Ebay).

    I apologize if you have already adressed this, but I have a question regarding dental diseases and their connections with other diseases. I know you have discussed the connection between oral health and gut health, but in your experience as a dentist, have you found that dental diseases (or a bad microflora in the mouth) are associated with other problems in areas anatomically close to the mouth? I’m thinking specifically about problems in the brain (brain fog, general fatigue), eyes (inflammation in eyelids, dilated blood vessels) and ears (tinnitus, clogging).

    I suspect there is a connection there, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

    • The biofilm of the mouth connects with the biofilm in adjacent areas that are in anatomical association with the mouth. I find that people with poor mouth health often have poor sinus health and vice versa – so we correct the sinus health with xylitol also. I have recently worked with a lady who presented with poor pharyngeal health. Once we cleared up her acid reflux, sinus and mouth health – her pharyngeal problems improved. We also know from research that young children who consume xylitol have better oral health AND 40% fewer ear infections – which again shows a mouth/ear connection. Besides a direct connection via biofilm – chronic inflammation can cause more distant damage. I would add that flossing in an infected mouth can push harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. If anyone has these symptoms, they need to measure their periodontal pathogens and be sure they have a healthy mouth before they floss. I see this as a reason why bacteria could enter the blood, coming from the mouth to cause these kinds of more obtuse problems in adjacent areas.

  • Thank you for your reply to my question. Because I have confirmed that I am using the correct brand of Crest toothpaste, the one containing sodium fluoride, I am left now with the conclusion that the staining was caused by either the Closys or the Act. Also, the protocol did eliminate the plaque so that was a plus.

    • I don’t think that Closys or ACT cause any staining, but I do think that sometimes people get an initial stain – when they are devoid of healthy protective biofilm. Get it cleaned off at the dentist and make sure to keep your routine going before and after the appointment. It should not come back and your oral health will continue to improve.

  • Dr. Ellie Patrick Timpone asked my emailed question on the air when you were on his show on November 09th 2017. I am the lady from Canada who despite following your protocol to the letter have experienced darkened teeth about two months into the program. I have your protocol taped to my bathroom mirror and even use a timer to ensure that I leave the Closys, Listerine and Act in my mouth for the appropriate amount of time. I am a stickler for details. I also noted that on the same show another lady also wrote with the same problem as I have experienced. I hope that you address this issue and can provide some insight as to why this is happening to me and to some others.

    • I understand your concern about staining and this is a very big subject. One answer does not fit every kind of stain. I apologize if I did not sound sympathetic on the radio – I am very aware of the problem some people have – and it’s great that you are using the correct products. I have found the #1 reason for staining is using the wrong Crest – the type that contains stannous fluoride in place of sodium fluoride. Stannous fluoride quickly causes staining. I am going to answer your question in detail – so I can properly explain all the different kinds of staining and probably causes. Here is a link to previous posts about staining which I hope to condense and explain very soon!

  • Hi Ellie,
    I have been doing your program about as long as Patrick and I’m quite happy with the results. I have one tooth “eye tooth on left side” that unfortunately was crowned to secure a bridge on the tooth next to it. It seems to be getting a worse receding gum than before I started the program? Today I just brushed downwards on the gum and tooth hoping that will take care of the problem however I’m a bit concerned. I believe the little cavity between my front teeth is getting smaller but I don’t want to go to the dentist until I have that on under control. I’m wondering if there is “tartar” on that root part of that eye tooth that is interfering with gum. It had seemed to be coming down on the tooth until suddenly it was inflamed a bit. I did get the Zellie’s gum and chew more than 9 pieces a day, I think I’m a little addicted. could this be the problem? Thank you so much for everything you have taught us. I’m going to get my daughter and grandchildren on your program.
    warmly, Nessa

    • Ensure you brush above the problems you are having with your gums – I mean on the sides of your teeth. You may want to check out my brushing video – and make sure you massage the gums in this area. You cannot “brush” your gums “down” – that’s not how it works. Your gums are suspended from the pointy areas between your teeth. Our goal is to fill up those spaces between your teeth with gum tissue. This is why I stop people from flossing and tell them to massage their gums – with a medium brush – not too soft. It is the circulation in your gums that will heal this gum wound. Try a little longer and if you still need help you can email me again.

  • Hello Dr Ellie
    I have been using your system exactly as you recommend for two years. My mouth feels incredibly clean all of the time and I am enjoying using it. My dentist is very happy and I did not need to see a hygienist at my last appointment. I have periodontal disease and that is how I found you!
    Can you advise me if there is anything more I can do to reduce my pockets, as although they have reduced ,I am still getting a lot of readings of 2 and one or two readings of 3. My goal is 0 & 1’s only.

  • Dear Dr Ellie,

    Both interviews are precious and we are looking forward to hearing from you more as soon as possible, and your new book too, and starting to apply your System.

    Thank you for all your work, care and love!!!

    • Thank you so much. Patrick was such a great host and asked so many super fun questions for me to answer. I love to explain truths that my life gifted to me and share them with others – especially people who are looking to improve their oral health. Thank you for your kind words.

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