Recent studies suggest an ounce of milled flaxseed in our daily diet for six months can be beneficial to health. Flaxseed has high levels of Omega-3s and studies show it reduces blood pressure, especially for patients with hypertension. It also appears flax seed can neutralize age-associated inflammation in the body. Hard to believe, but maybe …read more

An Ounce of Prevention!

Overview The dentist’s mantra is to “brush and floss” but is flossing useful or could other protocols keep teeth cleaner and healthier? Flossing has devotees who trust it is the only way to oral health, but where did their emphatic belief originate, and what if they are wrong? We have no science to support flossing …read more

Is Flossing the Best Way to Prevent Dental Disease?

Earlier this month a study called the “Xylitol for Adult Caries Trial” was published in the American Dental Association Journal. Several of my dental friends contacted me with concerns and to find out what was going on. If you look closely at the study, the results are not surprising, but the shock was how quickly …read more

Xylitol in the News: Reading Beyond the Headlines

Every day we welcome another Zellies Fan! Every day someone discovers that Zellies Xylitol products are not only delicious, but amazing for oral health.  Most people are very surprised at xylitol’s great taste and amazed to learn about its long history and how it is found in familiar fruits and vegetables, the wood of birch trees, …read more

Ancient Wisdom: The History of Xylitol