measuring spoonsRecent studies suggest an ounce of milled flaxseed in our daily diet for six months can be beneficial to health. Flaxseed has high levels of Omega-3s and studies show it reduces blood pressure, especially for patients with hypertension. It also appears flax seed can neutralize age-associated inflammation in the body. Hard to believe, but maybe an ounce of flaxseed could save your life!

It’s equally difficult to imagine half an ounce (0.3 oz to be exact) of xylitol for six months can eliminate plaque on teeth, prevent the transmission of cavity-bacteria from one generation to the next, and stop gum disease and cavities. These problems seem too big and the solution too small and easy!

The most effective time to enjoy xylitol is immediately after meals to prevent the damage that normally happens after eating or drinking. Acidity from eating grows plaque and damages teeth. Xylitol instantly makes the mouth alkaline, makes plaque less sticky, and helps strengthen teeth.

Xylitol provides a simple option for a huge health problem. Why not use xylitol for 6 months and see how it works for you and your family?


Potent Antihypertensive Action of Dietary Flaxseed in Hypertensive Patients

Dietary supplementation with flaxseed oil lowers blood pressure in dyslipidaemic patients

Mutans Streptococci Dose Response to Xylitol Chewing Gum


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  • Hello and thank you !

    I have a sister who is in her early 70’s and is having trouble with cavities, soft and breaking teeth. She has sjogrens disease and third stage
    kidney disease. Do you have a suggestion for a daily regimen that could strengthen her teeth and gums ? She lives in a city with fluoridated
    water. I have read that fluoride in any form is bad in chronic kidney disease patients. thank you again. Sherry D.

    • I never recommend anyone drink fluoride – or fluoridated water – especially someone with damaged kidneys.
      I do recommend xylitol and my complete mouth care system – which would build strength back into your sister’s teeth.
      If she is using Biotene – beware it is very acidic (pH 5.4) which pulls minerals out of enamel.
      I suggest a fluoridated toothpaste and rinse as part of my complete mouth care system, but these products are NOT ingested, and I suggest them because they help to mineralize teeth and stop these cavities and breaking enamel.
      I hope she will take this advice!

      • Thank you so much for your response. I have bought your book which I am reading and I feel
        very happy and hopeful that there are solutions to problems. There are alternatives to having
        gum disease and losing teeth regardless of age. Thank you for the information on Biotene.

  • I have read your book with much interest and implemented your system of care with great success. However, I am in the process of having to have substantial repair and am currently seeing a specialist. You are absolutely correct when you say that dental professional will offer you no support when you tell them what you are doing, even though they have already commented on how healthy your mouth has become!

    My specialist has told me that dry mouth and the quality of saliva has nothing to do with the outcome of one’s teeth. I am amazed these health professionals know so little about mouth chemistry and are so set in their ways! It seems so obvious to me. I wish my dentist was you!

    Thank you for all of your help and for giving me hope.

    • That’s an excellent question! A gum infection can make gums swollen and bleed.This changes the elasticity in the gums around teeth.
      Floppy or loose gums can allow “stuff” to slide into this gap between the tooth and gum. The gap is called a pocket and it is often a breeding ground for dangerous mouth bacteria. Pockets are not painful and it is hard to know if you have them unless you have a dentist who is looking or testing for them.

  • The website looks great Dr. Ellie. Much nicer than the typical blogger or blogspot ones.

    Also, paleo people report that Vit K2 supplements have improved their dental health quite a bit as well as an very expensive type of Cod Liver Oil. Maybe flax oil would accomplish the same?

    For myself i notice that when i eliminate sugar and flour and grains from my diet then i no longer have problems with food getting stuck in my gums. Seems like the pockets shrink.

    • No one should accept any pocketing – because they provide an environment where “opportunistic” bacteria – that are normally floating around in the mouth – will go to grow and multiply. Worst of all you do not feel any pain or have any symptoms – so most people don’t understand the dangers of any kind of pocket around teeth.
      I recommend my Complete Mouth Care System – along with Zellie’s mints and gum – but you are correct – diet and nutrition is vital too. Put it all together and enjoy sustainable oral health for the rest of your life.

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