“You are doing such a wonderful thing!! My husband has been using your system for 10 months. He is a night teeth grinder and was having issues with wearing the enamel on his teeth before starting the system. He no longer has any more wear of his teeth and says that his teeth feel much stronger. The other really neat thing is that my husband has always been dissatisfied with the color of his teeth (yellowish). He tried crest white strips for approximately 7 days without any improvement in color. Since he has started the system, the color of his teeth has improved immensely!! They are whiter than they have ever been!”

About the Author Dr. Ellie

My passion is educating people about oral health. For decades I’ve worked with patients of all ages, in different countries, in high and low-risk communities, and from every walk of life. I’ve seen the same results over and over again –people who transformed their oral health – sometimes in days or weeks, even after they had suffered years of pain and frustration. It’s never too late, and my ways will give you the key to a lifetime of improved oral health.