“I’ve been following Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System for 11 months now. It is wonderful to be in control of my gum and teeth health for the first time in my life, after years of feeling helpless over their ever-increasing sorry state. Though it’s not the most important thing, before I forget to mention it: my teeth are shiny! They have a reflective quality I never saw before. I’m now seeing the difference between the white and flat no-shine (dead-looking) teeth of many TV anchors and actors that Dr. Ellie spoke of, in her book, and my sparkly not-!white! teeth. I prefer the look of the latter, and I know the difference is due to a healthy protective enamel…” – B-Bee (read more)

About the Author Dr. Ellie

My passion is educating people about oral health. For decades I’ve worked with patients of all ages, in different countries, in high and low-risk communities, and from every walk of life. I’ve seen the same results over and over again –people who transformed their oral health – sometimes in days or weeks, even after they had suffered years of pain and frustration. It’s never too late, and my ways will give you the key to a lifetime of improved oral health.