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Interview with Howard Farran: The Benefits of Xylitol

I originally did this interview with Howard Farran back in early January 2017. Reposting for those who may have missed it!

Have Healthier Teeth & Gums by Following These 5 Wellness Points!

Wishing for a healthier mouth in 2017? Want to put an end to gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues? Take control of your own oral health. You can achieve Ultimate Oral Health this year by understanding these 5 Oral Wellness Points.

5 Oral Wellness Points

  1. Bacteria Transfer
  2. Eating Causes Acidity
  3. Saliva is Your Best Friend
  4. The Mouth’s Nightmare
  5. Mouth Health  Body Health

Bacteria Transfer
Mouth bacteria are both good and bad. There are substantially more good ones than bad, but the bad ones cause big problems like cavities and gum disease – so they are not welcome visitors in our mouths. These bacteria – good or bad – do not just stay on teeth, they can travel and reach places like our toothbrush bristles. This is why it is vital to clean your toothbrush as often as possible – ideally every day. Also get a new brush as often as possible, especially if you have cavities or are fighting gum disease.

The great news for families and friends is that when your mouth is healthy – you will be sharing healthy bacteria with the people you love. Early childhood is a time when the mouth bacterial composition is designed, and the input from family is very important in this process. Parents can clean their mouth health and feed good bacteria by consuming small amounts of xylitol at the end of every meal. Baby teeth can also be cleaned with a small amount of xylitol, rubbed or wiped over teeth.

Eating Causes Acidity
Every time we eat we can almost assume that acids are generated in our mouths. There are a few exemptions to this, but most foods contain natural or added sugars, carbohydrates or some form of acid. Organic, healthy foods can be as damaging as processed foods for teeth. Green smoothies often rate as some of the most damaging for teeth since kale and spinach contain oxalic acids which can destroy tooth enamel.

Acidity pulls minerals from teeth and also promotes the growth of unhealthy mouth bacteria. The longer the mouth remains acidic, the more damage is caused. Waiting for an hour before cleaning your teeth is allowing damage for too long each day. Eating a little xylitol mint or piece of pure xylitol gum after every meal, snack or drink will take away mouth acidity and also help to mineralize teeth and repair any defects.

[Read more about acidity and your teeth]

Saliva is Your Best Friend
Today there are a number of expensive “re-mineralizing” pastes and gels sold to repair soft, weak or sensitive teeth. Your own saliva contains the ideal mix of minerals and is far better than these artificial products for this job of mineralizing teeth. The problem is that minerals will only go into teeth when the mouth is at a specific and alkaline pH of around 7.4. Fortunately xylitol generates a flow of alkaline saliva in most mouths to bring it to this pH.

When saliva interacts with the surface of teeth, it will help the teeth to harden and become smoother and stronger. It’s important to give your teeth enough time to interact with saliva. Constant snacking and sipping is detrimental to this process and is the reason many people experience sensitive teeth. Saliva quality varies throughout the day and mid afternoon is the ideal time to stop eating and drinking and allow your teeth time to interact with your own natural saliva.

The Mouth’s Nightmare
The most difficult time for our mouth health is while we are sleeping. The mouth automatically becomes drier and our saliva more acidic – two conditions that wreck havoc on our teeth and gums. This is why it is so important to prepare our teeth before we go to sleep, helping them to overcome the difficulties of the hours while we are asleep. It’s no use thinking that you can clean your teeth in the morning and make up for ignoring them at night: it just doesn’t work that way.

It’s vital to clean and protect your teeth before going to sleep each night. Many products today are too acidic for mouth health, especially all the products made to whiten or control plaque in the mouth. Many toothpastes are equally poorly designed for the care that teeth need during the night.

My Complete Mouth Care System was designed specifically to care for teeth and protect them during the night. In fact, it does its job so well, your teeth may be stronger, shinier and look better in the morning than they did when you went to bed!

[Download my free “how to” guide for my Complete Mouth Care System]

Mouth Health  Body Health
Many studies point to various connections between mouth and body health. Body health also affects mouth health in a number of ways. Diet and good nutrition is vital if you are trying to correct a problem in your mouth, and I often talk with clients about their digestive health and the need to consider a good vitamin and mineral supplement in addition to a good digestive probiotic supplement.

The ideal time to develop mouth health is during the early years of childhood. In many countries xylitol is given to preschool children as xylitol candies during the school day. This has been a public health measure in Finland for about 50 years to prevent cavities, and prepare the mouths of children before the eruption of adult teeth. Healthy adult teeth require less treatment, no sealants and less maintenance care. Healthy teeth and gums will promote better general health and hopefully allow us all to live longer, healthier lives.

Adult Braces – A Threat to Gum Health

Adult bracesThe number of adults wearing braces is growing, and Orthodontists say nearly half of all newly installed braces are for adults – not kids! Often adults want to improve their smile and the makers of braces – knowing this – are ramping up serious marketing to adults. Braces can definitely improve the look of a smile, and today braces are more convenient and may be helpful – but they can be costly ….and the major cost may be your gum health!

Orhthodonists are trained to fit braces – and make no guarantee your teeth will be healthier at the end of treatment. They often have hygienists to help, but the truth is braces are a “risk factor’ for tooth decay and gum disease, and braces can have devastating outcomes for adults who have poor oral health at the start of treatment.

Prevention is so much easier than correcting problems when they have occurred! I suggest anyone considering braces – child or adult – should spend 2- 8 months using Zellie’s and the Complete Mouth Care System before braces are fitted, and stick with the System through the treatment. This system is effective even without flossing. Anyone with braces knows flossing around wires and brackets is impossible.

Adults considering braces should also take a mouth-bacteria test before starting treatment, to discover gum disease (periodontal pathogens) before they begin! Here is a link to find a provider who offers the My Perio Path testing:

The AAOSH Challenge

AAOSH-LogoThe First Annual Oral Health Challenge was held at a recent meeting of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). The competition was a test of mouth health for dentists, hygienists, physicians and other health professionals at the meeting. The “challenge” measured periodontal pathogens and looked for signs of plaque in arteries and inflammation in the blood. The health professionals taking this challenge place a high value on oral health, because of its impact on general health.

For over 30 years I’ve been a tireless messenger suggesting dentists must be kind to patients and to their mouths! I don’t think we should “kill bacteria” or “destroy biofilm” but instead we should see the bigger picture and work to promote a healthy oral ecosystem. As the mouth impacts our body, so the body impacts our mouth health. For ultimate oral health we must correct issues in the gut – working with patients to improve diet and nutrition, to ultimately strengthen the immune system.

I also believe we need to stop damaging bacteria in the mouth – and work to develop a healthy flora. I use xylitol to protect teeth from acidity with a mint or piece of gum at the end of every meal, drink or snack. I believe it’s essential to seed and nurture good bacteria as harmful ones are weeded away. Xylitol feeds healthy bacteria, and makes plaque slippery – so plaque is easily washed away by rinsing.

Twice-daily I treat my teeth to a rinse routine using traditional, over-the-counter products that allow me to maintain ultimate oral health. I’ve witnessed hundreds of patient success stories with this system – many recorded in my book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.  The method is simple: mouth rinses in a sequence akin to a skin care regimen that cleanses, pH balances, and protects by using one product directly after another.

A gentle, balanced approach improves mouth health and maintains improvements, raising oral health to a new level  of “sustainable” or “ultimate” oral health. I’d recommend my whole-body, pro-active, and practical approach to anyone. I believe xylitol and the Complete Mouth Care System are effective and can help anyone win their own oral health challenge!

Success Story: User Review of the Complete Mouth Care System

Fun to read Alice Bradley’s blog post “HELP FOR THE HOPELESS (MOUTH)” about her experience with my Complete Mouth Care System.

Yes – it IS possible to enjoy dental visits!

Read Alice’s fun post here:

Do You Have Periodontal Disease?

Statistics show that adults in the United States have more periodontal disease than was previously thought. About 50% of young adults 30 years old have some level of gum disease and are unaware of it, mainly because the condition is painless and usually does not cause bleeding or swelling.

Ask Your Dentist

gum_disease_illustrationPeriodontal disease is serious and you must act quickly if you have this condition in your gums because the inflammation and germs can damage body health. Ask your dentist or hygienist at annual visits if they notice any signs of this disease and if they are unsure, there is a test called My Perio Path that detects periodontal bacteria in the mouth.

Periodontal Treatment – Options

Your dentist may prescribe deep cleanings, laser treatments, gum grafting or antibiotics for periodontal disease. Before you start these serious and expensive treatments, you may want to try my 2 simple steps for periodontal disease, even before your treatments begin.  8 -10 weeks on my program can offer amazing improvement in gum health, and many people have discovered they no longer needed treatments.  Remember this is a transmissible disease and others in your household may need the same regimen.

Here are my 2 simple steps for healing Periodontal Disease:

1)   Develop a healthy mouth ecosystem

  1. Take xylitol at least 5 times a day – best after meals and drinks
  2. Use the Complete Mouth Care System

2)   Stimulate gum healing

  1. Massaging your gums twice daily with a clean toothbrush (read more about gum massage below)
  2. Focus on good nutrition (maybe with vitamin supplements and 30-60 days of digestive probiotics)

Gum Massage: Stimulate the circulation in your gums with a clean toothbrush and move the brush (positioned high on the gums) around every area of your mouth, on the inside and outside gums. If you have always used a soft brush – you may actually be more successful with a small medium brush softened in warm water. Our soft Mouth Watchers toothbrush can also give your gums a stimulating massage to help to heal them. When circulation flows in the gums, the blood delivers nutrients and cells to the area, to help heal gums from the inside out.


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What a Neat System!

We just received this photo from a follower of Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System. Look how great these containers work for the rinses! Makes it easy for the whole family to use.

Complete Mouth Care System_user dispensing set up

Changing Viewpoints

shoe-fitting fluoroscopeWhen I was a child there were X-ray machines in shoe stores. As we were fitted for a pair of shoes it was customary to stand in a machine so the store clerk could take an X ray and check your toes had adequate room to grow. There was no protection from the X rays and because my father had bad feet, he always insisted I had “pictures taken” to avoid ill-fitting shoes. I tell the story to illustrate how an idea that was lovingly embraced 50 years ago, seems shocking today. I believe we will look at sealants in a similar light, wondering why we exposed our children to plastics and BPA.

My goal is to help patients enjoy ultimate oral health and avoid unnecessary treatments. People are usually amazed how easy it is to prevent, and even reverse cavities. They understand probiotics are good for gut health, so it makes sense that good bacteria are necessary for mouth health. The advantage in avoiding fillings is that pristine teeth are preserved. Once a tooth is filled, even with a small filling, its strength is compromised and it has a greater chance of needing repairs or being damaged in the future.

I recently consulted with a lady who was told by her dentist she had a small hole (about the width of a needle) in a back molar. It was so small the dentist needed his magnifying glasses to see it and said there was no decay, and it wasn’t deep. He put a composite filling in the tooth and suggested similar treatment for two other molars with deep grooves that he said could turn into cavities. When the patient tried to ask questions, her dentist “brushed her off”. Her concerns were why, if the tiny hole wasn’t a cavity or decayed, did it need a filling? The patient regrets the treatment and asked me if she should have the fillings removed. My reply was that many dentists think cracks or fissures are problems. In a healthy mouth, molar grooves can actually be useful footholds for good bacteria and reservoirs of probiotics that protect the mouth.

I did not recommend she remove the fillings, but explained this was a good learning experience. I suggested the next time her dentist wants to fill a tooth (providing it is not an emergency) she gets up from the chair and discusses why, postponing any decision to consider pros or cons. Only agree to treatment when you are eye to eye with your dentist, and never be afraid to ask for time to resolve the problem. Ideally you want re-evaluation in a few months to determine if treatment is still necessary. Frequently tooth and gum problems can be reversed with Zellie’s products and the Complete Mouth Care System. Your dentist may be amazed, particularly if he or she has not witnessed natural healing before. Wishing everyone happy dental visits!


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Zellies Xylitol Booklet Cover     Zellies CMCS Booklet


For more information on oral health and xylitol, please visit all of Dr. Ellie’s web-sites: – learn more & order Zellies Xylitol Mints, Gum and Candies
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Stained Teeth – a Brighter Future!

Stained TeethEveryone wants a shining, white smile, so it’s disheartening if baby or adult teeth are discolored or have marks on them. Stains can be all shapes and sizes: spots, patches, a line that crosses the tooth, or a dark ring that circles between teeth. Some stains are small but others affect large areas, several teeth, or every tooth in the mouth. Most tooth stains are easy to remove, but a few develop as teeth are forming. These stains are called intrinsic and include fluorosis defects. Intrinsic stains usually require more complex treatment, so they will be discussed in a separate post.

White Spots, Calculus and Tartar

When the surface of a tooth is damaged by acidity, the first visible change is that the enamel becomes whiter than normal. When enamel is de-mineralized it is soft, like chalk. Patches of weak enamel are known as white spots, and they usually disappear when tooth enamel strengthens. If white spots are ignored, they can disintegrate and become a cavity. If mouth acidity is not controlled, especially after meals and drinks, not only will white spots form, but plaque will harden into a crusty later known as calculus or tartar.

Stains from Drinks

It’s not the color of drinks that stain teeth, but the acidity of the drink or food that opens the pores in the tooth enamel, which allows the foods and drinks to stain. Strong enamel does not stain!  Don’t think it is a good idea to put xylitol into drinks to stop them from staining – it will not be effective! The drink will remain acidic and the benefit of xylitol will be lost. It is more effective to use Zellies mints and gum to protect your teeth after every meal, snack or drink.

How to Prevent Stains

Don’t try to bleach white spots away or stains from drinks, since bleaching increases enamel weakness and roughens the tooth surface (which is not the help teeth need).  Of course a healthy diet is important, but to prevent white spots, calculus, and stains, it is vital to control acidity in the mouth and strengthen teeth.

Zellies protect teeth from acidity  (after every meal, drink or snack) and teeth are strengthened by the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System when it is used every morning and before bed. It may take 6 months to stop stains, calculus, and plaque forming and a dental cleaning may be necessary to remove old stains and dead plaque.  The good news is that after this dental visit, the future will be so much brighter for your teeth – with shiny enamel and happy teeth!

Dead Plaque Stains

It is a surprising fact but some stains signal improving oral health. This unique situation occurs when there is a rapid change from bad to great oral health. Old plaque can remain stuck between teeth, in grooves, and along the gum line. This stain is a one-time occurrence and it happens when there is a lot of infected plaque in the mouth as patients begin using the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System. Don’t worry if you notice dead plaque staining, since it tells you that your gums and mouth are getting healthier. Once a dental cleaning removes this stain it will not return, providing you maintain good oral care.

Colored (Chromorgenic) Bacteria

Some people have specific mouth germs that stain teeth – and these are called chromogenic bacteria. This stain is often seen directly after a cleaning, and most of theses patients are women with excellent oral health. We believe this unusual stain occurs after teeth have been denuded or stripped of a protective layer called pellicle (that normally repels bacteria and stains). Some things that denude teeth appear to be baking soda, peroxide, bleaching, strong acids (like citrus fruit juices) certain teas, or from a dental cleaning.

The “Step” system

We have worked to understand chromogenic stains, and find a way to eliminate it. We have discovered a method that uses a “stepped” version of the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System. Remember, this stain only happens to people who have excellent oral health and is usually experienced within days of a cleaning.

To avoid chromogenic stains we suggest you “step” into the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, starting immediately after a dental cleaning. Use Zellies xylitol products in the normal way (after meals and drinks) but use only Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste to clean your teeth morning and night (no rinses) for the first two weeks after the cleaning. We believe Crest Cavity Protection paste and Zellies will help re-build the necessary protection layer. After this period of time, Closys and the other parts of the system can be added. By easing into the full system, it appears you can avoid chromogenic stains that some people experience.

The Step Method:  – begin immediately after a dental cleaning:

  • Week 1 and 2  – use only Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and Zellies (to allow the pellicle layer to reform).
  • Week 3  – add Closys before you brush – continue with Zellies as ususal
  • Week4  – add Listerine and ACT steps, to resume the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, used as normal.


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Want a Whole New Mouth?

Kiss Your Dentist GoodbyeHave you read Dr. Ellie’s book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” yet?

In “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr. Ellie Phillips teaches how anyone can achieve and maintain a truly healthy mouth. Empower yourself as you improve the look and feel of your teeth between dental visits. Your dentist will be amazed at the changes they see, and you will be thrilled as cavities and gum disease become a thing of the past.

One of the most recent reviews of her book on caught our attention and we thought we’d share it:

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Forget the Cutesy Title. Your Mouth Will Thank You. 
August 3, 2013
By  L. Hoag (Los Angeles, CA USA) 
This review is from: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth (Paperback)

OK, OK. I never thought I’d recommend a book on dental hygiene, but this one saved me big bucks. Three months ago, my dentist told me I’d probably need to see a specialist for gum surgery. I was not convinced and went looking for other options. The author (who is a dentist) suggested an easy, cheap and pleasant regime of brushing and three types of mouthwash. Two weeks ago I revisited my own dentist who said, “I can’t believe it! It’s like you have a whole new mouth!” As with any type of self help book, use your common sense. However, this one really worked for me.

Wondering if the book is worth reading? Check out the other 67 reviews currently posted on Amazon (click HERE to see the reviews).

Here’s to a whole new mouth!


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Download our latest guidebooks for Ultimate Oral Health:

Zellies Xylitol Booklet CoverZellies CMCS Booklet


For more information on oral health and xylitol, please visit all of Dr. Ellie’s web-sites: – learn more & order your Zellies Xylitol & the Complete Mouth Care System
Dr. – a great resource for learning more about oral health & Dr. Ellie
Dr. E Oral Health Coaching – articles, resources and videos to help you learn more

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