Adult bracesThe number of adults wearing braces is growing, and Orthodontists say nearly half of all newly installed braces are for adults – not kids! Often adults want to improve their smile and the makers of braces – knowing this – are ramping up serious marketing to adults. Braces can definitely improve the look of a smile, and today braces are more convenient and may be helpful – but they can be costly ….and the major cost may be your gum health!

Orhthodonists are trained to fit braces – and make no guarantee your teeth will be healthier at the end of treatment. They often have hygienists to help, but the truth is braces are a “risk factor’ for tooth decay and gum disease, and braces can have devastating outcomes for adults who have poor oral health at the start of treatment.

Prevention is so much easier than correcting problems when they have occurred! I suggest anyone considering braces – child or adult – should spend 2- 8 months using Zellie’s and the Complete Mouth Care System before braces are fitted, and stick with the System through the treatment. This system is effective even without flossing. Anyone with braces knows flossing around wires and brackets is impossible.

Adults considering braces should also take a mouth-bacteria test before starting treatment, to discover gum disease (periodontal pathogens) before they begin! Here is a link to find a provider who offers the My Perio Path testing:

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Moms Oral Health Matters

Moms Oral Health Matters
  • I have worn braces twice; once in adolescence (obviously I didn’t wear my retainer adequately) and again in my 40s. One thing I have read and been told in the years since, from several sources, is that having teeth moved contributes to gum recession.

    When I don’t wear my retainer, which I find very uncomfortable and despise, I find that my teeth move rapidly. I don’t have recession in most places in my mouth in spite of my braces experience, except on the lower front, where there’s also bone loss. I’ve been told for at least seven years that at least one of my teeth is on the verge of falling out. But they’re all still there.

    Dentists have told me that this recession is due to having a high frenulum. I disregarded their advice to have a frenectomy.

    I have just learned of Dr. Ellie’s program but I have long been a skeptic of traditional dentistry. There’s little else available though, especially when insurance is involved, and it’s hard to know whom to trust where having dental work is concerned. I’d be happy to minimize my dependence on dentists but I’m concerned it may be too late in my case. I’ve had much work done, a lot that was set in motion by a drill-happy childhood dentist.

    I can always improve my oral health though.

    • It is NEVER too late to turn the boat around!!! I encourage everyone to give my system a try. It will only work if you use it EXACTLY as I suggest. You need the EXACT products, you must clean your teeth this way x2 or better yet, x3 daily and then have xylitol after every meal and snack. You cannot eat or drink after cleaning your teeth at night- that is CRITICAL.
      I would also look at how you brush your teeth – how you clean and dry your toothbrush and what kind of toothbrush you are using. I have a video bootcamp that shows the brushing technique that works to get gums to re-grow, but you must do it exactly as I recommend – or you will not get the results. Many people with gum problems also have nutritional deficiencies – and so I often advise a look at your digestive health and your diet. Green leafy veggies at EVERY meal – and stop sipping any drink at all between meals. Acidic drinks like soda feed the harmful bacteria of gum disease. You can do a tremendous amount to help yourself and I have tried to put this information out there in books, videos and blogs. I am told the video is the most helpful – and that purchasing the system the first time will ensure you know the exact products to use and how to use them. I encourage you to give this a try…..sometimes you can reverse a terrible situation in a matter of months. The harder you try – the quicker you will see results! Good luck and please keep in touch!

  • I have been using your system for almost 4 years now, following it exclusively, and about 5 months ago began wearing the invisible retainer braces, using plenty of xylitol since I’m sure those things trap some bacteria. BUT, now I’ve had recent MAJOR gum recession on lower front teeth, to the point that they are loose. Xrays showed that my bone is also very low in that front area, and the periodontist expert that I saw is really unsure what to do about my problem at this point. I’m so disappointed that I can hardly sleep. I don’t want to lose those teeth! Any recommendations or suggestions?

    • The first thing I would tell you is to throw away any ultra soft toothbrush and buy yourself a nice new small but medium brush and make sure to stimulate the circulation around these teeth on the inside and outside of your teeth.
      Of course I recommend using my Complete Mouth Rinse System – and also clean your toothbrush every time you use it.
      Last thing – concentrate on getting your digestive health the best possible; supplements, diet and nutrition; digestive probiotics…..Do this for 60 days while you concentrate on massaging those gums. Please tell us the rest of the story if you decide to do this 60 day challenge!

    • I would like to talk with you if you are in the US…..If you have been using the system for 4 months – I need to know why this is not a better end result. You can contact me through the Zellie’s website – contact us: and ask to speak with Dr. Ellie about the system….

      • Thank you for your response – I have indeed been using your system for almost 4 years, religiously! I use the 3 proper mouth rinses (Closys, plain Lysterine, and regular Act) and the regular Crest, as well as xylitol regularly. I do use a pretty soft toothbrush that is actually a child’s, so it is small. Due to the bone loss and mobility of those lower teeth, the dentist finally had to splint the 6 teeth together. I am not flossing but stimulating with a very fine Gum brush that goes between at the gum line. Any recommendations to give at this point, I would sure appreciate! Thank you!

        • I would suggest you try a firmer toothbrush. I really don’t like the very soft brushes. Your toothbrush needs to create enough massage on the gums to stimulate circulation. Don’t forget that the blood supply we are stimulating is what will heal the damaged gums. Ensure you eat well, and focus on perfecting your digestive health in every possible way!

      • Forgot to mention that I do also take probiotics often and in fact take water kefir and kombucha daily to help with gut health. I take supplements as well (vitamin D, multi, K, turmeric, etc.).

    • Before getting my braces 6 months ago, the orthodontist did a complete evaluation. Because I had sever periodontal issues in the past with resulting gum recession he isn’t moving my teeth as quickly as he could with someone who has not had some bone loss. I definitely will keep up with the full Zellies program as I will also be using the invisible retainers when the metal comes off next year.

      • I hope you are using the Complete Mouth Care System….You may also want to have a test of your periodontal health with a bacterial testing that is called an Oral DNA test – “my Periopath”. This gives you a reading of the bacteria in your gums – and this is vital for you to know.

  • I had a family member with adult braces and the orthodontist never mentioned anything about this, I wonder how often orthodontists are really taking into account dental health before deciding to put braces on an adult.

    • Hmmm… don’t get me started! This is why people need to become empowered and understand why it is common sense to get your mouth healthy before you make teeth and gums more difficult to clean and put them at MORE risk! Thanks for your interest….let’s spread the message!

  • I have been using your complete mouth system and my teeth are looking more discolored than ever. Have you heard of this happening before and do you have any thoughts/theories on why this may be happening?

  • Hi Joyce,

    I don’t think it matters which choice your make when you have healthy teeth.
    There are definite advantages/disadvantages between using metal or invisible braces. Your orthodontist should discuss these options with you – and explain the different risks vs. benefits.

    My biggest surprise was to discover that orthodontists today assume you will wear a retainer to “hold’ your teeth in place for the rest of your life. In the “old days” (when I practiced orthodontics) we moved teeth into a stable position – so retainers were not necessary.

    Be prepared for this….. I wish you the best with treatment. Ellie

  • I have been on the CWT program f/several years. I have an appointment to get an opinion on getting braces. If there is an option between using metal or invisible braces, would you recommend one over the other for the health of my teeth and gums.

  • I’m retired. I have your book and have followed your System and my teeth and gums are in great shape. However, last March I moved to a different city and began seeing a new dentist who suggested I wear plastic aligners (not the metal braces shown in the photo) to improve my bite. In November I finished 19 sets of aligners and am now wearing plastic retainers 22 hours a day.

    I have been concerned that the aligners and retainers, which are too fragile to be cleaned thoroughly and which restrict the natural flow of saliva, might be bad for my teeth. I had to stop using the last step of your system, the fluoride rinse, because I have to re-insert the aligners immediately after brushing and I thought the rinse residue would accumulate on the aligners.

    Do you have suggestions on what I can do now to minimize the effect of these aligners/retainers? My dentist said in a few months I’ll have to wear the retainers only at night instead of 22 hours a day.

    Thank you.

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