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Bleeding Gums at Dental Visits (BOP)

You may have been told to floss more, or perhaps you were on a never-ending series of treatments when you discovered Zellies. If you have followed the dosage recommendations and taken my advice, I am sure you (and your dentist) have noticed improvements.

For some people Zellies may be all they needed to “tip the balance” towards health. Other people have special challenges with their teeth and things (called risk factors) that put them at increased odds for cavities or gum disease. These people may need to take extra steps if they are to enjoy sustainable oral health and only need light cleanings and few treatments.

Certain oral health conditions are serious and important. Specific words must get your attention – so listen carefully if your dentist tells you that your gums bleed as he or she examines your mouth. This condition, known as “bleeding on probing” (BOP) was once believed to be about flossing. Now we know it is usually an antioxidant deficiency and poor circulation in the gums. Don’t ignore this problem, but there are better ways than flossing to remedy this problem.Continue reading