The Dark Side of Whitening

You must have noticed whitening rinses on store shelves and maybe contemplated using them. These products are tempting, but don’t fall for those shiny, white bottles! Remember the bottle is made of plastic and nothing like your tooth enamel. These bottles are such an excellent marketing tool, because they make you subconsciously imagine this product will help your teeth be white and shiny, just like the bottle!

Tooth enamel is never white. Teeth are covered with an outer shield of glass-like material which is colorless – not white at all. (Only fake teeth are white because they are made of porcelain or plastic). Natural tooth enamel is clear and translucent and it’s color changes to look white as light reflects off its surface. Teeth will naturally look white if they are shiny, smooth and strong. If that surprises you – read on!

Acidity softens and roughens this glassy tooth surface because it etches the enamel (just like acids etch glass). This can make your teeth look white for a while, but the damaged and etched enamel is weaker and will eventually look darker or dull in color. White strips and whitening rinses may whiten teeth at first – but your teeth will quickly stain again, and possibly be fragile and break or become porous and sensitive.

Unfortunatley whitening products are not safe for you, or your teeth. I never suggest whitening rinses or toothpaste. Most whitening products are very acidic (a pH as low as 1.5). If you have weak or porous teeth – these products wreck havok on them. Dark or yellowing teeth need protection from acidity – not acidity! Use the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System to restore tooth enamel strength, and it will safely make your teeth look shiny, smooth, brighter and whiter in a few months.

Strong teeth are packed with minerals (like a diamond) and reflect light better. As your teeth become healthier they will become progressively and naturally whiter. Use of the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System can help teeth become brighter, shinier and less sensitive. Another problem is that many whitening rinses contain co-carcinogens, which are ingredients that can damage your mouth permanently. Make sure you NEVER use whitening products without an ADA shield of acceptance on the label. Peroxides can do harm to teeth, particularly young teeth. Studies show they can affect the cells inside teeth and even kill them. For a complete review of the dangers of whitening – please see chapter 10 in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.


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