Black Triangles: Is It Time to Stop Flossing?

The chances are that if you grew up in the US you have been well instructed in the art of brushing and flossing. I have seen people in braces struggling to thread floss around the wires and elastics of the appliances and older folks who could not stitch a button on a coat be instructed to floss around their last upper molar!

Even perfect flossing and brushing can only remove 40 percent of plaque from your mouth. This is because there is a plaque component in saliva (you can’t floss this) and also on your tongue and skin of your mouth. This is why mouth rinsing makes so much sense and why xylitol makes Zellies Complete Mouth Care System amazing. Adequate amounts (6-10 grams) of xylitol daily helps make plaque slippery so the rinses can better wash your teeth. Using this system should remove 98% of plaque from your mouth – twice as much as flossing!

The problem with over-brushing or constant flossing is that it has the potential to do damage to your teeth and gums. If you beat down your gums with wooden points, brushes and floss, don’t expect them to grow back again. The pretty pink gums between your teeth will disappear – and the empty space will be a black triangle between your teeth. If you have gum recession, consider a better system to clean your mouth. Think about giving yourself a flossing holiday and your teeth may become less sensitive in a matter of days.

How much gum repair you get will depend on other factors that revolve around how well you brush them and also your body’s ability to heal. This will depend on your general health, diet, lifestyle, age, etc. You can help yourself by taking supplements and probiotics and pay attention to your diet. To help heal gums, check you have enough protein in your diet, and if possible consume some organic whole milk yogurt and cheeses every day. Xylitol can be dissolved in water as a drink to sip during the morning and this will help make your gums more comfortable and give them the best chance to heal.


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