Product Spotlight: Zellies – The Ultimate Breath Mint!

You may have been told to floss more, perhaps your gums bleed when you brush, or your teeth feel furry in the morning when you wake. These are signs you have plaque in your mouth, which can lead to cavities or dangerous gum problems.

The good news is Zellies Xylitol Mints can make your mouth healthier today, tomorrow, and possibly for years into the future. The secret is to end every meal, snack or drink with one or two Zellies Mints or a piece of Zellies Gum. Take this small step and see the difference. (Check out our recent article on “The Power of Xylitol: How Xylitol Works” for more information on how xylitol can improve oral health).

Zellies Cool Mint Mints taste almost exactly like an Altoid ® mint – but that is where the similarity ends. The sugar in regular breath mints feeds dangerous plaque bacteria – encouraging them to produce acids, toxins and cause dental damage.

  • Each time you put a sugary “breath mint” in your mouth you ignite problems for your teeth, gums and mouth. Nothing could be worse for your breath – since sugar promotes cavities and gum disease and smelly, infected plaque.
  • Every time you eat an all-natural Zellies 100% Xylitol Mint you clean and protect your teeth and gums. Not only will the natural peppermint flavor freshen your breath, but the xylitol in Zellies Mints will gradually eliminate plaque and rid your mouth of one major reason for mouth odor.
  • Sugarless breath mints normally include the ingredient sorbitol, a cheap artificial sweetener that can cause stomach bloating and promote acid reflux.
  • Beware products that mix sorbitol with xylitol, since the benefits of xylitol are inactivated by sorbitol which is able to feed plaque on teeth and appears to prevent remineralization.


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