“I am so thankful that I found Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System!

I felt very hopeless about my teeth.  I had a mouth full of amalgam fillings replaced with composites in 2010.  Not long after this my upper molar became abscessed.  I received a root canal on this tooth which I found out later that one of the roots was left unfilled.  I never felt the same after this.  I felt sick all the time!  I decided to get the root canal removed.  After the removal my health improved drastically.  Soon after this my bottom molar became abscessed.  This time I had it extracted.  I didn’t want to go through that suffering again.
I tried lots of different dental products that claimed to be “all natural” and good things for your teeth.  My gums were still red and inflamed and I had lots of yellow hardened tartar along my gum line.  Even with all of these touted “natural dental cures”  My teeth and gums were in bad shape!  I was at the end of my rope.  One day I started thinking abut what I should try next and I remembered reading something about xylitol being good to stop cavities.  I researched it online and found Dr. Ellie’s information.  I decided I would try her whole mouth care system.  I am so thankful I did! At first I was concerned about all of the ingredients, but I read Dr. Ellie’s blog and all my fears fell by the wayside.
After using her system for the first time I noticed how smooth, clean and shiny my teeth looked and felt and the yellow tartar line never came back I was sold!  My natural products never did this for me.  This was the answer I was looking for.  I still struggle with problem areas in my mouth, but I now feel hopeful about my dental health and know I’m on the right path.” -Erin S.

About the Author Dr. Ellie

My passion is educating people about oral health. For decades I’ve worked with patients of all ages, in different countries, in high and low-risk communities, and from every walk of life. I’ve seen the same results over and over again –people who transformed their oral health – sometimes in days or weeks, even after they had suffered years of pain and frustration. It’s never too late, and my ways will give you the key to a lifetime of improved oral health.