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Q: I have just started using your system and am blown away by it. I have bought your book for other members of the family! There is just one thing, what happens to the good bacteria, is it wiped out with the bad guys?

– Pauline



Thanks for your question.

I began writing my book over 10 years ago – and since then I have learned a lot more about the biology of the mouth and the usefulness of “good” bacteria.

Interestingly my clinical observations fit with what we know today. The mouth rinses that I recommend protect the health of the “good” tissues and “good bacteria” and only appear to select out pathogens.

It appears that xylitol works as a pre-biotic, actually allowing healthy, non-sticky bacteria to flourish.

In the digestive system – xylitol becomes butyrate – a short chain fatty acid – that actually feeds the healthy digestive bacteria (in a similar way). In fact, people with digestive issues often see improvements when they use xylitol – although they are advised to start slowly with a half dose to begin.

The way that xylitol works is that plaque bacteria absorb xylitol into their cell (as if it were sugar), every time you eat some.

Xylitol is a five-carbon molecule – unlike sugar which is a 6 carbon molecule. Being a different size, the plaque bacteria are unable to use it for energy. This means they cannot reproduce, cannot produce acids (to harm teeth) and cannot stick together (they have no energy to produce the sticky strands).

The outcome is that plaque cannot “grow”, cannot damage teeth and is easier to remove when you use a good mouth rinse! No killing takes place – it is natural selection!

I have been using this system for over 30 years and have never needed a cleaning – and my mouth feels wonderful every day. I am not alone with this – so I am very confident that this system creates a healthy, sustainable ecosystem in the mouth.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellie


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