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Hello Dr. Ellie, 

I recently found your book. I have suffered a recent decline in my dental health – which I believe corresponds to a battle with sinus infections over the same span of years. 

My dentist no longer knew how to care for my cavity-ridden mouth. I am now under the care of a holistic dentist. She does not promote the use of fluoride at all and has prescribed that I use a hydroflosser. She also recommends daily oil pulling with sesame oil. And, of course, nutrition. However, much of her nutritional plan has me eliminating many foods – including most fruits and all sugary foods – from my diet. In the short-term, for my own physical wellness, this restrictive treatment may be best, but I wonder about the long-term. 

As the patient, it seems there is so much conflicting information that abounds – for doctors and patients alike! I am now taking a very active role in my treatments and ultimately I will make the decision as to which treatment plan is best. Then again, it may be a system of trial and error in the coming months and years as I rebuild my health (of my body and my mouth).

I hope that you take the time to reply to my inquiries about fluoride vs. oil pulling. I’m already being treated for periodontal disease and on track to get many crowns (or onlays), especially in my rear teeth, plus fillings at the gum line. I currently use the non-fluoride toothpaste and a Sonicare toothbrush. 

Thank you for your book and the information and for time.

Warm regards,




Hi Elizabeth,

I have the greatest respect for your situation – but I don’t think there is as much conflicting information.

We all know diet and nutrition are at the core of wellness – and even if we cheat and have fun from time to time, it is really important to “feed” our bodies and “nurture” them with good foods that build them up, not break them down. Sugars and acids are the products that “break us down” and good fats, Omega-3s, antioxidants etc – are the “foods” that build us up. Sometimes, if we cannot spend enough time and energy on shopping and cooking etc – we have to rely on a supplement, a nice vacation in the sun etc. to help us build our wellness strength.

In exactly the same way foods are at the core of tooth wellness. You can cheat and have fun from time to time, but it is really important to “feed” teeth and “nurture” them with good foods that build them up and not break them down.  Sugars and acids break down the body, also break down teeth. Often, the same foods that help the body – help gums and teeth. Sometimes, if you cannot control what you are eating or drinking, you need help – this is where Zellies and the Complete Mouth Care System enter the stage!

I think there is a place for oil pulling – but I also have seen it make teeth sensitive.

My attitude to fluoride is guarded – and for the full story you need to read the entire chapter in my book. (click HERE to read the chapter dedicated to this topic in Dr. Ellie’s book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye“).

I do not believe we should drink or consume fluoride – but the topical application of two products that are well made and contain the correct fluoride – can strengthen teeth and offer great benefits.

You don’t consume Crest Cavity Protection or ACT – you spit it out after using!

The Zellies Complete Mouth Care System is precise and has been used by thousands of people with enormous success.

The system requires adequate amounts of xylitol – to protect teeth from acidity and loosen plaque throughout the day so the rinses and oral care routines will clean your teeth perfectly without any potential damage from flossing.

Here is a link to the booklet that explains the details: http://issuu.com/zellies/docs/zellies-cmcsbooklet?mode=window

Hope this helps!

Dr. Ellie


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