3 Things You Need To Know If You Want Healthy Teeth

Brushing and flossing are not enough

I know many people who value their smiles and try to look after their teeth as carefully as possible. The problem is that you can religiously brush and floss, yet end up with ongoing fillings, repairs and other treatments. The blame is usually placed on poor Power Boyhabits, genetics, or defects in teeth themselves. Most people think you cannot stop fillings from aging, that it is impossible to control tartar build up or prevent tooth wear, cavities, gum recession, or periodontal disease. This is simply not true. But the caveat is that only YOU, the patient, have the power to control and prevent the destruction of your teeth and gums.

I interview many patients who have followed traditional advice to brush, floss, avoid sugar and get to their dentist every 6 months.They tell me stories of the ongoing treatments they received, only to end up with false or heavily restored teeth. It may shock you, but dentists cannot control the bad things that happen to your teeth. There is no filling, sealant, or anything in their dental office that can stop the consequences of progressive dental disease. But YOU can!

Dental problems are caused by acidity and dry mouth

Cavities and gum disease don’t “happen” by chance. Teeth do not randomly become weak or cracked. Dental problems are the result of minerals being pulled out of teeth. Often it is acidic bacteria in infected plaque that cause problems, but any acidic condition in the mouth will erode, weaken, and damage teeth. Acidic conditions also foster the growth of harmful acidic-forming plaque and plaque bacteria live everywhere, stuck on teeth but also on your tongue, in the skin of your mouth and even in your nose and ears. Your dental problems will consistently escalate if these disease bacteria are allowed to occupy this living space. No amount of brushing and flossing, not even a professional cleaning, can remove more than 40% of these acidic-forming bacteria from your mouth. As soon as the cleaning ends, new bacteria will land on your teeth and start producing new acidic plaque to harm them, your gums, and the edges of any new fillings- all over again.

Young people and healthy adults usually enjoy alkaline saliva that helps wash away mouth acidity. Unfortunately if your mouth is dry, you will loose this natural assistance. A blocked nose from a cold or sinus infection, a mouth full of braces from orthodontic work, or even sleeping with your mouth open, can make your mouth dry. Many medications (like ones for allergies or heart problems) cause dry mouth as a side effect. It doesn’t matter the reason, dry mouth will always magnify the damage that acidity causes to gums and teeth.

Plaque grows quickly – and even after a cleaning, bacteria will fall out of saliva and begin to attach to your teeth. This is why we must constantly fight back and eradicate disease bacteria from saliva with Zellies and the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System. Studies show that the correct use of xylitol will eradicate 98% of plaque bacteria in your mouth over 6 months.

A scientist called Wenyuan Shi, Ph.D.,is a professor and the Chair of the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Shi was one of the first people to develop a test to measure the number of cavity-bacteria in saliva. I was excited by his invention, and I sent samples of saliva from 10 of my patients to determine the effectiveness of the Zellies System. (These samples were from people who had been using my system for several years.) Dr. Shi was shocked at the results because all the tests came back plaque-free. He told me only 10% of people, at best, have clean mouths like this! He could not understand how it had happened – but it was great news for the rest of us! Today there are several kinds of these tests that your dentist can perform to count harmful germs in your mouth.

Dr. Shi also created a video to show plaque growing. You may want to fast forward, but try to notice how the “raindrops” of plaque coalesce and how more and more bacteria are attracted to the original group over time. Not everyone likes to think about germs in their mouth – but the reality is that these are the germs that cause cavities. It is not the things that people usually blame – like bad genes, missed appointments or lack of dental insurance ! The Cavity Villain is plain to see – here, in Dr. Shi’s mini-movie!

Dental problems are controllable and preventable with correct daily home care

Xylitol studies have shown that 6-10 grams, eaten in small amounts and frequently during the day will gradually eradicate 98% of the harmful acid-forming bacteria. Zellies Mints or Gum will help to alkalize the mouth and counter the acidic conditions that often occur after eating or drinking.

The correct use of sodium fluoride in oral care products can work harmoniously with Zellies Xylitol products to help repair defective, soft, or weak enamel. When patients use xylitol and the recommended Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, their cavities begin to reverse and gum disease improves rapidly.  Many testimonials we receive show that patients who were diagnosed with cavities or gum disease have been able to reverse these problems in a few months and eliminate the need for fillings, scaling and even periodontal surgery.

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