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Kiss Your Dentist GoodbyeHave you read Dr. Ellie’s book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” yet?

In “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr. Ellie Phillips teaches how anyone can achieve and maintain a truly healthy mouth. Empower yourself as you improve the look and feel of your teeth between dental visits. Your dentist will be amazed at the changes they see, and you will be thrilled as cavities and gum disease become a thing of the past.

One of the most recent reviews of her book on Amazon.com caught our attention and we thought we’d share it:

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Forget the Cutesy Title. Your Mouth Will Thank You. 
August 3, 2013
By  L. Hoag (Los Angeles, CA USA) 
This review is from: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth (Paperback)

OK, OK. I never thought I’d recommend a book on dental hygiene, but this one saved me big bucks. Three months ago, my dentist told me I’d probably need to see a specialist for gum surgery. I was not convinced and went looking for other options. The author (who is a dentist) suggested an easy, cheap and pleasant regime of brushing and three types of mouthwash. Two weeks ago I revisited my own dentist who said, “I can’t believe it! It’s like you have a whole new mouth!” As with any type of self help book, use your common sense. However, this one really worked for me.

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Here’s to a whole new mouth!


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About the Author Dr. Ellie

My passion is educating people about oral health. For decades I’ve worked with patients of all ages, in different countries, in high and low-risk communities, and from every walk of life. I’ve seen the same results over and over again –people who transformed their oral health – sometimes in days or weeks, even after they had suffered years of pain and frustration. It’s never too late, and my ways will give you the key to a lifetime of improved oral health.

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