Our oral health is at risk every time we travel. In this short video, I offer strategies that can help you to protect your teeth and gums while you travel.

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Moms Oral Health Matters

Moms Oral Health Matters

Ask Dr. Ellie: Granular Xylitol

Ask Dr. Ellie: Granular Xylitol
  • Dr. Ellie,

    Thank you so much for educating us. It is so appreciated. Having gum and teeth issues are soooo nerve racking. You’ve alleviated so much of my anxiety by providing your system for FREE. It’s given me something that I can do and it helps me feel in control for the first time. You’ve been such a gift to me and many others.

    God Bless!

  • Hi Dr; Ellie. I am going to begin your program.
    So the first thing is to brush your teeth for a few minutes with Crest.
    Then gargle with Listerine for a few seconds, the use the Colosys for a few seconds.
    Then after each meal either chew the gum or suck on the mints. Do I have this correct.

    Loved you on the ORN show with Patrick. I just had a root canal removed and the dentist took a DNA test on me and the results require a lot of healing. for me. There were 3 that were 7.5 and about 27 that were above 9. thanks Jo

  • Dr. Ellie, I know you recommend Crest toothpaste but what do you think of Sensodyne Pronamel? The claim is it hardens the enamel and protects against acidity. Also, I suffer from dry mouth so I’m wondering if I can use the ACT total care soothing mouthwash instead of the original.

    • Sensitive teeth are demineralized teeth that have been damaged by acidity and also by mouth dryness. My first advice to you is to try and give your teeth time each day when they have an interaction with SOME saliva in your mouth. Take a Zellie mint in your mouth – which will generate saliva – and then don’t drink ANYTHING for a half an hour if possible – and work your own natural saliva around your mouth – try that and see how it helps! My system is also wonderful for people with dry mouth and will help the problems you have in about a week or less – naturally making your teeth feel shiny, smooth and comfortable. You need to use a tiny xylitol mint or gum after every meal, snack and drink and also use the exact products in the system – don’t start changing anything! ACT total care has alcohol in it and therefore it will work against you as it may DRY your mouth. Proenamel has never impressed me and I am familiar with the product and the studies that never really showed it to work well. I think the product is well advertised to dentists and I believe the ADA make money on the Intellectual Property for this product – which is why it is heavily advertised in glossy dental magazines that often influence dentists.

  • I just watched Dr. Kennedy’s video interview on Fluoride.
    He states that it is extremely toxic to the body internally AND externally.
    What is your opinion concerning his evidence and views?

    This is very very important to me since I have been using your system for 5+ years.
    (Love your xylitol gum and I chew several pieces everyday!)

    • I have personal stories of giving my children fluoride to drink so I am acutely aware of the damage I CAUSED to my older daughters body and teeth by having them drink fluoride. I am against adding fluoride to water and against anyone drinking it. On the other hand, all my children and most of my grandchildren rinse and use the products that I recommend. I have no fear of this dilute amount of sodium fluoride providing we spit it out. I believe that poor oral health carries FAR, FAR more risk than the products I recommend. Also there is a lot of fluoride in food products – like tea for example – so I never drink iced teas and only make black tea occasionally, for this reason.

  • Dr. Ellie, I had a question for you. I recently found out about OraWellness’s Shine product, seemed to me to be a safe way to whiten teeth without using the harmful products on the market. I was curious if there was a way to utilize it within your system, or if it’s better used at other times so as not to alter your system, or if you would just avoid using it. Thank you

    • Teeth are not white. Teeth are covered by enamel which is translucent and is like glass. If you want white teeth naturally, the best way is to mineralize the “glass” and turn it into a diamond – heavily mineralized. Possibly this product helps, I don’t know and I doubt there is any “proof”. Crest regular toothpaste is one of the few pastes that has clinical radomized studies to show that it can put minerals into teeth. On the box it says “heals cavities before they start” – which basically means it can put minerals back into any holes in the tooth surface. The ingredients in Crest are silica and sodium fluoride. They work in synergy with xylitol to strengthen and “polish” teeth!

      • Thank you for the answer! I appreciate it. I enjoyed the travel tips video, it was quite helpful.

        Thanks again!

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