Whitening & sensitivity toothpastes are top profit-generators for the oral-care industry.

Artificial whitening pulls minerals from tooth enamel. Whitening products cause sensitivity & although sensitivity pastes might seem like a solution, they only mask the symptoms. These pastes do not address the cause of the ongoing problem – they just cover it up.

Regular use of xylitol at the conclusion of meals & after every drink will stimulate a flow of saliva to wash over teeth. Minerals in saliva can automatically replace lost or deficient minerals in enamel.

Stop using sensitivity pastes & use xylitol daily to see your sensitivity improve – almost instantly. Ironically as teeth naturally mineralize they will become stronger & appear whiter & brighter – at any age!

Learn more about whitening, sensitivity & gum recession with my video oral health bootcamp.

Zellie's are my recommended xylitol products. 

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Moms Oral Health Matters

Moms Oral Health Matters
  • I have a lifetime of restorations, two extractions and 4 root canals. So I have a challenging situation. I have been using Dr Ellie’s protocol for over two years. Result: No tooth sensitivities; good gum condition with no gum sensitivity; no known cavities.

    My gum recessions have not improved, but nor have they worsened. Any suggestion ?

    I have not been to dentist in over six months, on account of covid situation. (Even before that, I discontinued hygienist cleanings/scrapings.) A crown loosened and came off five months ago, but I appear to have no problems with my chewing on its ”base”.

    I have become a HUGE fan of the Dr Ellie protocol. With all-respect to the profession: Routine dentistry responds to dental problems. They don’t get out in front of them, as Dr.Phillips has done.

    • Hi Robert and thank you for your kind words. For gum recession to reverse you need to pull out all the stops – as they say! Ensure you are using the brushing technique I recommend, use the brushes I recommend, and allow them to dry as I recommend. Next you need to ensure you are using xylitol after EVERY meal and snack and not eating or drinking ANYTHING (not even water) between these meals and snacks. This allows your own saliva to heal your gums and provide the support they need. The other thing to look at it the quality of your saliva. This can be improved with a good diet PROVIDING you have excellent digestive health. If someone is trying to re-grow gum tissue they need to do everything they can to improve their overall body healing capacity. This means rest and sleep, stress-reduction, diet and nutrition, adequate nutrients and supplements if necessary, and the oral health things noted above. If you do not have excellent digestive health I suggest a “reboot” of your digestion – with some simple techniques. I can suggest my video bootcamp for some of this information and I will hopefully have a new book soon about how to stimulate your body to enjoy regeneration and healing.Start with the simple things and let me know if you would like more help!

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